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We had a very active week-end!
This week-end some of the Ecureuil girls enjoyed different activities. The long excursion on Sunday took them to Gruyère, home of the famous Swiss cheese - a very interesting small village with plenty of style and interesting things... Like this s (More)
A day as a boarder in CDL
Have you ever wondered how a day unfolds for a border here at CDL on a practical level? Well, we now have a fantastic video to show you what an average day is like... With our girls and boys! Filmed here! On a real, normal day! We would be happy t (More)
Amazing Trips for October Break.
Dear Parents, please see the fantastic trips on offer for our students during the October break. Trips Programme. Enjoy the great oppor (More)
Another Amazing Saturday
We have a full offering of activities on Saturday's to take part in. These include; boxing, tennis, swimming, wakeboarding, bananna boating, fitness, basketball to name a few..... Here are some Leman 1 students taking part. More)
A quiet but "full" week-end
Many things happened during this (late) spring week-end... Our great Ingrid was accepted to Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne! YAHOOO!! Congratulations! Now... just less than two weeks of hard work and then off to some well-deserved holidays for you! (More)
Boarding Awards ceremony
Yesterday afternoon the Boarding Awards ceremony took place in our Auditorium in order to aknowledge the great performace of many of the Collège du Léman boarders. Three categories were mentioned: boarding House life, boarding activites, academics (More)
International Motor Show!
Today our boarders went to the Geneva Motor Show... In our House, Elizaveta and Nilgoun decided to get up early and join the others to be there and see the last day of the Show. Everybody left at 8:30, which is no small sacrifice on a Sunday morning! (More)
Our week-ends are full!
Yes! So many things are happening on and off campus during the week-end! And the Ecureuil girls are participating to many different activities... Here are some highlights from the last February week-end: More)
Awards Ceremony this afternoon
This afternoon the first Award Ceremony of the school year took place in the Eiger Auditorium. It was such a successful celebration for the Ecureuil girls! First of all, Nilgoun started the event by playing a beautiful piece on the piano. More)
Ropes Course today!
Today we went to the Ropes Course, an activity we chose to do all together as a House. We went to an \"Adventure Park\" in a beautiful green area in Signal de Bougy, full of luscious tall trees! There are many different \"courses\" one can choose fro (More)
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