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United Nations Open Day
This morning Grade 10 attended the United Nations open day and got a chance to get a closer look at the incredible grounds of this worldwide organisation! (More)
Sports Day!
This weekend saw the girls take part in the first of many house competitions in October; Sports Day! The girls had a great time and definitely showed off their competitive sides. More)
Guitar group
On Saturday afternoon, Tatiana, Celine and Helen enjoyed a guitar and ukulele lesson given by Costanza.  New Portena is becoming a very musical house. The music group will continue in two weeks when the girls will learn new songs. More)
Discovery Days
All our girls have been away on Discovery Days over the last two weeks and a great time was had by all; here's a few photos from their time away. More)
Turning the bad into good!
Last night disaster struck as Coraline removed her jumper from the washing machine only to discover it had shrunk! Coraline and Andrea combined their artistic flairs and created a jumper for Coraline's cuddly bunny to keep it warm in these autumnal e (More)
Motto and Logo Competition
Well done to all our New Portena girls for taking part in the Motto Competition; the first House Challenge of the year. Diana, Katya, Tanya and Margie had amazing confidence to get up on stage in front of all the boarding community to explain our mot (More)
Jeûne genevois -Geneva or Chamonix
Well, if it's 7th of September it's Jeûne genevois (More)
A fun filled first weekend!
The girls have had a great weekend getting a glimpse of the activities they can take part in throughout the school year! This weekend we've enjoyed Horse Riding, Tennis and Body Shaping; today Jasmine, Becky and Coraline also headed into Geneva to ta (More)
We had a very active week-end!
This week-end some of the Ecureuil girls enjoyed different activities. The long excursion on Sunday took them to Gruyère, home of the famous Swiss cheese - a very interesting small village with plenty of style and interesting things... Like this s (More)
A day as a boarder in CDL
Have you ever wondered how a day unfolds for a border here at CDL on a practical level? Well, we now have a fantastic video to show you what an average day is like... With our girls and boys! Filmed here! On a real, normal day! We would be happy t (More)
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