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If it's a rainy Sunday ...
FIFA House competition!
Today we had another House Competition: the FIFA challenge. We were really good! Amir did his best but at the end lost at the semi finals. Edward & Gleb were there to support him. Thank you all for your efforts and participation. The last game (More)
Our DJ Star!
Ali on the mix... (More)
weekends are always good!
from our recent trip to Lavey-Les-Bains!   (More)
Italian dinner!
Yesterday on the 17 th of February we had an Italian dinner and it was a REALLY GOOD dinner! The preparations took us around three days. The school provided us the best  quality Italian ingredients from which we prepared: as buffet a dish of  mozzare (More)
Good friends enjoying Montreux! (More)
House Activity.
Just another nice weekend in CDL. More)
Amazing Barbecue on Oct 4th, 2014.
Happy birthday Mohamed!
Today our dear Mohamed had his birthday! We celebrated it to the bowling center. Please have a look at our pictures! More)
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