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Time to revise...
As we are heading towards a full time exams\' period, some last minute tips for our students! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! More)
Graduation 2015
Yesterday, the class \'15 officially finished its school days. The graduation ceremony took place at the Theatre de Leman. It was a beautiful ceremony full of emotions, memories and advices for the days to come. Everybody was feeling very proud of th (More)
Lovely times...
As the days go by and we are getting closer to the graduation ceremony, we can\'t help but to remember nice moments like the G12 & alumni reunion and the end-of-year awards... More)
Dinner: Pizza @ Luigia!
Being almost a month before the G12 graduation, we went altogether to celebrate this (close-to-the-end) school year! Great food, lovely time and a nice way to say goodbye... More)
Soccer time!
Yesterday, Mohamed and his friends enjoyed once more the school facilities and played football with the boys from other Houses! More)
Brazilian dinner!
Last night, we had another international dinner. This time it was the Brazilian one!!! More)
Double rainbow!
Yesterday, it was rainy... However, when it stopped, a wonderful double rainbow appeared! I was really impressed! More)
Welcome back!
Our students just came back from Florida!!! They had a wonderful time on the school trip. They enjoyed the cities, the theme parks, the wild nature, the ocean, NASA, the hotels and most of all the large food portions!!! More)
Easter break!
Dear everyone, The Easter break is here and we wish you all a lovely holiday wherever you go, whatever you do! As for us (Ali, Amir & Mohamed) we will send you pictures from Floridaaaaa! More)
Saturday night fun!
Family moments, with the boys enjoying their Saturday night altogether..! (More)
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