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Did you know that the toothpaste "Colgate" in Argentine Spanish translates to "Go Hang Yourself."? And did you know that the worl (More)
Did you know that India's Hindu calendar has 6 seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and preverbal? And did you know that Ind (More)
Did you know that Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice? And did you know that During WWI, the Kin (More)
Did you know that the official language in Angola is Portuguese, but they also speak Bantu and other African languages? And did you know (More)
Did you know that Poles eat pizza with ketchup? Pizza, or zapiekanka, in Poland does not contain tomato sauce. It is a popular street food served on a baguette with melted cheese, mushrooms, and ketchup. More)
Last month we started with the category: "Did you know?" where each day we post a few interesting facts of one country. Our house has many nationalities and we thought it was a great thing to share with the community. More)
#9 Kazakhstan
Did you know that The Republic of Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world in terms of area: 2 million 724.9 thousand sq. km (152089.77 sq.miles) and that it is also the world’s largest landlocked country bordering Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan (More)
Did you know that fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom. They were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco? (More)
Did you know that Gabon is home to hundreds of dolomite and limestone caves many of which are yet to be explored? And that almost 80- (More)
Did you know that it is a criminal offense to drive around in a dirty car in Russia? More)
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