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Enkhlin went to Art Genève today
One of the week-end activities organized for CDL boarders this week-end was a visit to Art Genève, an art exhibition where contemporary art, modern art and contemporary design are on display. It was very interesting and thought-provoking, it seems! (More)
The Escalade... What is it?
If one lives in the area of Geneva, it is impossible to miss the Escalade race - which, by the way, just took place on Saturday Dec. 5 and in which many CDL students participated. However, the real "Escalade" festival is happening this week-end! L (More)
Do you need Eco/Green hours?
Dear Friends of Serve the City Geneva, We have a couple of events scheduled to correspond with World Clean Up Day and wanted to invite you to sign up for one of the events. A.  We are looking for a few energetic cleaners to help clear some of t (More)
Serve the City Geneva
As you have experienced recently the temperatures have been plummeting well below zero. A bitter cold is gripping the whole Eu (More)
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