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Primary School - Homework Tutoring
What: Homework Tutoring When: 4: 5:30 pm Monday to Friday Where: Villa Christina There are opportunities for both English and French speakers, if you are interested please contact (More)
Play Chess for CAS/REACH
Mr Watanabe is looking for cover for his Chess club on Tuesday 29th November from 4pm to 4:40pm in the Primary School. If you interested please see Mr Watanabe today (Wednesday 23rd) or tomorrow (Thursday 24th). If you can help please contact Hika (More)
Help out in Kindergarden
CDL Kindergarden is looking for students to help them run some of their Christmas art and craft activities. The activities will run from 9:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 and 3:00, so if you have any free periods during this time and are in need of some CAS hour (More)
Walk a dog
If you live near to the school and would like to earn some REACH hours and like dogs. Earn some hours walking a teachers dog. If you are interested contact or (More)
Geneva Association for Social Integration
There are several volunteer opportunities to earn service hours volunteering for the Geneva Association of Social Integration (AGIS) - these are people of all ages who would like to spend some of their spare time with handicapped people. You don't n (More)
Become an ASK volunteer
The ASK volunteer programme is for volunteers who want to make a difference through volunteering. To truly make a difference, volunteers need to be committed to their volunteer service, and be willing to invest their time to make a change in the live (More)
Red Cross Food Collection
In Pays de Gex the yearly food collection in supermarkets by the French Banque Alimentaire is going to take place on Friday November 25 and Saturday November 26. Spoken French is fine, but not a necessity, if at least someone in each group of student (More)
Me, Elderly?
The Red Cross of Geneva are looking for volunteers to lend a hand in their new project: "Me, Elderly". Aims: to improve the daily lives and well-being of elderly people across Geneva to develop and facilitate aid between generations to vis (More)
Red Cross Fund Raising Activity
Action Mimosa Sale of Mimosa to raise funds which will enable disadvantaged children to go on holiday and will support the "Activity Days" project. 28 January 2012 (More)
Christmas Market
CAS and REACH Hours available Students are needed to help with the Christmas Market on the 7th December. We need volunteers to set up tables at our PFA stalls the evening before from 4-6pm on the 6th of December,  and to tidy up at the end of the (More)
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