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International Award - Green/Brown Group Movie
International Award Hike <<< Click on link for movie! Green/Brown Group Movie I learned a lot, including how to read a map, use a compass (and not pack it in the (More)
All done now!
All students have successfully reached their destination in Orbe, we are now on our way home, happy, if a little more tired/sore/smelly than when we left! Students have had quite the adventure and we look forward to hearing more about each individua (More)
Day 2 Update!
All students are doing well and we hope that we might be able to finish a little early today.... If no one gets lost! (More)
All huddled in for tonight!
So we're all back now! Last group got a little lost, but eventually found their way here! (More)
Out in the wild...... Or at a campsite
We are all having a fairly good day in terms of weather..... Few showers, but staying pretty light. Half the groups are now at the campsite and the others should be arriving soon! Looking forwards to better weather tomorrow and a good (if a little ch (More)
Welcome Welcome Welcome
So Super Silver Award students and Beginner Bronzes, as well parents/other assorted family members/freinds/other teachers welcome to the new CDL International Award Blog. Myself, Mr Corbin & Mr Hetherington have been so proud of the way that y (More)
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