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It is deep dish pizza day today!!
Pizza lovers far and wide will be making the most of Deep Dish Pizza Day. This is your holiday! But first, let us thank Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell, without whom this day wouldn’t exist. He is credited with creating the spectacular deep dish pi (More)
Many activities happening during the week-end
We try to keep ourselves busy with sports and cultural happening during the days off at the week-end. Last Sunday a few of the Ecureuil girls joined an outing to the cinema in Geneva to watch the latest version of "The Beauty and The Beast". It (More)
March 21!
Great performance at the Talent Show tonight!
The fantastic four Ecureuil girls performed live on stage tonight during the  2017 Talent Show - a fun version of "Jingle Bells"! Here you can see some photos of their preparation and then... on stage! More)
PET bottles recycling is ON at CDL!
17,130 bottles were recycled at CDL in 2016! Thanks to the engagement of CDL employees and students, we were able to achieve this fantastic result! The correct elimination of PET bottles is a simple way to promote climate protection, to save energy, (More)
March - April: CDL in Asia, too!
Zzzzzzzz.... ready for tomorrow?
Tomorrow, March 17, is World Sleep Day! World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sl (More)
Improvised "Pizza night" for some Ecurueils!
Yes, tonight a group of our girls were able to enjoy a good pizza at the special Pizza Evening which usually takes place on Thursdays in our canteen. What is your favorite pizza? More)
CDL Grand Prix coming soon!
Join the Grand Prix, talk about it, come and watch... to help spread the awareness! (More)
Two roommates just turned 17!
Amazing 🙂 how two roommates celebrated their birthdays to turn 17 just one day apart! Alejandra's birthday was celebrated on Monday, while Muzoon's was yesterday! It was great to see how happy they were to spend some time with friends!! Many h (More)
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