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Weekend fun in Ecureuil!
This weekend our girls in Ecureuil got up to lots of exciting things- Maria, Katia and Alizee tried wakeboarding and everyone spent some time shopping and exploring in Geneva. Katia also enjoyed going sailing and a lot of Ecureuil girls went to a fun (More)
Dinner in the House
To finalise this weekend we had a relaxed dinner in the house. Thank you Alizée and Maria for the Pizzas, it was amazing! More)
Jeûne Genevois Day
The Jeûne Genevois is Geneva’s very own holiday, celebrated the Thursday following the first Sunday of the month of September each year. Some things are specific to a certain place. These things give a particular “flavor” to that place, adding to wha (More)
Trip to Chamonix
Today we went to Chamonix to visit the Mer du Glace and to explore the town! We enjoyed taking some nice photos overlooking the glacier!   More)
International Day of Charity 
05.09.2017 International Day of Charity High School Students take an active role in the running of our charities, where opportunities exist for all students to participate in the many and varied events on the charity calendar. There are annual cha (More)
Welcome ladies
Today we had a good time at our Welcome Assembly and Welcome dinner. Our family is ready for the new school year!   (More)
Welcome to Ecureuil!
This weekend we welcome our new boarders to Écureuil! We are very excited to meet you all and we look forward to getting to know you! We wish those that are returning to CDL a warm welcome back - see you soon! More)
Thinking of our senior students...
Come visit CDL!
After the break... let's get ready for exams and deadlines!
Hello!! Villa Ecureuil is strangely calm... there is a subtle background noise around the House, like the one you hear close to a beehive... Everybody is studying (More)
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