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Well being session: how do we contribute to the world around us?
Our girls have suggested several ways to protect our world and environment: recycling, avoid single use plastic, less meat consumption, be a volunteer, be kind, donate to charities, improve yourself. (More)
Disneyland Paris
 Great day at Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. (More)
Well being session: self esteem Tonight our well being session was dedicated to how we feel about our selves. It was very nice to see that the girls in Ecureuil do appreciate things about them selves but they also recognize things that they should wo (More)
Andrea, Bela and Joanne had a lot of fun in Karting activity...
Lausane and the Olympic museum
The Olympic Capital, Lausanne has been home to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) for 100 years and in 1993, the IOC founded its unique official museum on the banks of Lake Geneva. In 2013, The Olympic Museum was completely renovated with the (More)
Well-being session: sharing cake and thoughts about nutrition.
Tonight it was a lovely and fruitful evening with Ecureuil girls. We all shared information about eating habits and different diets that are very common nowadays. Food and nutrition has been always a very interesting topic, and I was very happy to se (More)
Saturday Wakeboard day!
Well being session dedicated to exercise...
Today Maria and Diana leaded the session giving a zumba class and we enjoyed a lot. I am very happy that the girls are exercising regularly and they are aware of the benefits: exercise makes us happier, it helps in weight loss, it gives us more energ (More)
Happy Birthday Maria, may all your wishes come true <3
Today the girls made a Birthday surprise to Maria and she was delighted. 🙂 More)
Saturday morning activities 🙂
Banana boat and biking (More)
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