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Well being: Charity
Why volunteering and charity work matters There are many people who say that they wouldn't spare their time without monetary or tangible gain. Its demeaning, my time is precious (More)
Award Ceremony
Congratulations to Maria Turner for her Boarding Life award, to Valentina Lesyuk for her Activities commitment award and to Joanne Gandarillas for her Academic achievement award. Well done girls 🙂 More)
Saturday bake sale at CdL Christmas market
Many thanks to the girls who participated in this Charity event. More)
Wellbeing: Community service
Tonight Donata talked to us about the different benefits when helping our community: Why volunteer? With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering can be enormous. Volunteering offers vital help to (More)
Weekend Trip to Paris, the city of light 🙂
Wellbeing: How do we promote our countries in our international community?
The girls had different ideas of promoting and presenting their countries. It can be through food sharing, politics and history discussion among students. International relations class is also a very resourceful subject to share information. Andrea l (More)
Isabela and Maria motivated for Body Shaping activity 🙂
Well being: Pastoral Care, feeling comfortable to trust staff
The Pastoral Care's purpose is to address the social and emotional well being of all students. In tonight's conversation we talked about what our Pastoral Care program is about and who are the ones that the girls would trust to talk to, about any iss (More)
House dinner: greek salad and pastitsio
Our dinner tonight was a success, the girls enjoyed home made food and we had a lot of fun 🙂 More)
MasterChef Competition
Here we go with our VilllaECUREUIL STARTER It is really tasty =) (More)
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