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Family day dinner!
Yesterday, we decided to celebrate Family Day by having dinner as a family and we even invited some friends over. It was also a great opportunity to have one last dinner with our Grade 12, and wish Happy birthday to Natalia!  Thank you, girls, for (More)
Summer Camp 2018
It's time to start planning your summer holidays!! Click on the link below to learn more about the unique experience we offer at Collège du Léman! More)
Welcome back!
Welcome back to all our Ecureuil girls! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Easter break and look forward to welcoming you back in the house this weekend. Let's hope the lovely summer weather stays! 🙂  More)
Talent Show
This is what we submitted tonight for the Boarding Talent Show. Well done girls! Enjoy 🙂 (More)
Dinner in the House
To start off this week on the right foot, we've decided to have dinner in the house and have some quality and bonding time 🙂 The chicken pies were delicious! (More)
Welcome Back Ladies !
Welcome back, my ladies! We hope you're ready for the last Marking Period. All the best 🙂 (More)
Snowshoes With Huskies
It was a lovely weekend to do Snowshoes with Huskies, and Dela enjoyed it 🙂 More)
Red Cross Museum
We visited today, the Red Cross Museum, what an amazing place, full of history. More)
This weekend
This weekend in Ecureuil our girls Dela, Ana Luiza and Camila enjoyed a trip to Crans-Montana for skiing and snowboarding. It was Sofia's birthday on Friday and we celebrated with a delicious chocolate cake! We also had a go making homemade pizzas- y (More)
AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium Lausanne
Today our students went to visit the largest Freshwater aquarium in Europe. Alizée and Luli Loved it!   More)
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