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Yesterday's Birthday gathering 🙂
I was delighted to see some of CdL students and celebrate Joanne's birthday. More)
9th week online learning 🙂
We are very happy to have back on campus Joanne, Isabela and Gabriela who arrived just today. The girls are happy to be back and looking forward to start school on the 8th June. Tip of the week:  Exercise gratitude You may feel like everyt (More)
7th week online learning 🙂
Dear all, I hope you all had a nice weekend. Primary school starts today and we are happy to have life brought back within our campus, taking the adequate precautions of course. Tip of the week: Social media distancing One of the easiest way (More)
Week 6 online learning 🙂
This is our 6th week and I am sure that some of us might be experiencing different feelings due to this extraordinary situation.We are experiencing a pandemic. It’s a scary time for everyone. We can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions. We feel (More)
Week 5 online learning 🙂
Dear all, welcome back on our remote learning program. I hope you all had a nice and relaxing holiday with your families. We are back on our scheduled online classes and our daily contact to see if everything is back on track. I was super happy to co (More)
Have a nice holiday and stay safe 🙂
Week 4 online learning 🙂
Dear parents and students. We are reaching our 4th week of remote learning and it has been fantastic. Our students have been accustomed with their academic responsibilities and they are keeping up the good job. Thank you all for keeping your spiri (More)
CdL act of solidarity
Send us your picture of positivity! Please join in for the CDL Act of Solidarity this weekend. This weekend (4-5th April) we are inviting all of the CDL commun (More)
Week 3 online learning 🙂
Dear all, Today we are starting our 3rd week of remote learning, and I am sure that everyone has been accustomed with what needs to be done. I would like to thank all the girls who have responded with great maturity and responsibility for their st (More)
Week 2 online learning 🙂
Dear all, a week has passed and it has been a new and challenging experience for everyone. I am happy that with our daily contact with students, our collaboration with teachers and with the support of CdL community, we managed to enable this new vent (More)
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