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Happy New Year 🙂
Greetings from home 🙂
Dear parents and students. Since the start of this week we have  been going through a big challenge. Everyone is back to their homes and  since Tuesday, students started the online distance learning experience. It must have been overwhelming for some (More)
Couldn't be happier with all this love <3
Wellbeing: Addiction and its' dangers
Tonight's conversation was about addiction and the way it works for ourselves. The girls expressed their concerns about phone addiction and food addiction and (More)
Boxing activity for Romina and Valentina
Wellbeing: what learner am I and do I have clear academic goals?
During our session we figured out through some questions about the type of learner that we are. Most of the girls are visual learners which means that their language memory is better when it appears  in a form of a text, pictures graphs and video cli (More)
Dear former and current students, we would love to see you there 🙂
Well being: Recognizing and facing emotions
An interesting discussion about our physical and emotional health. Our physical health depends on our way of living -sleep, food, exercise. However, there is also our emotional health who is as much important as the physical one. Our structured, bala (More)
We are very happy to see you girls <3
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Have a wonderful holiday everyone <3
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