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Relaxing weekend
Last weekend most of the boarders in Ecureuil had a relaxing time. Some of them went to Geneva, some to Milano and south of France. They were nice enough to share some pictures with me... More)
Geneva Motor Show
  There was a lots of different cars that you will not see around or maybe you will in future if the public liked the car concept or maybe never. Th (More)
Musée Collection de Art Brut
Another week in College du leman after Easter holidays has brought new activities and tasks to keep boarders focused and busy. This week has brought us dire a (More)
Today we went to Artgeneve. They were some really bizarre inventions like this bath, just look at it, it\'s crazy, but I wouldn\'t mind to have one of them for sure, but I don\'t know wether it\'s going to fit in my room More)
The Air-Balloon show???
Everyone was excited to see The Air Balloon show. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the wind, so we ate fondue (More)
Ski Weekend Crans-Montana
What probably you can do in Switzerland during the winter? Skiing or Snowboarding of course! Last weekends we went to Crans-Montana and no one really were excited about thi (More)
Christmas Market
Today we went to Christmas Market in Montreux. It was a good experience for a short time, because suddenly you get bored really quick there But still it was a fun experi (More)
Swiss Tour
We traveled around the Switzerland Switzerland just simply span all of Earth\'s landscapes and resonate within the human heart Switzerland is a remarkable beauty of gorgeous (More)
Lausanne Olympic Museum
A few days ago we went to Lausanne, to the Olympic Museum. The most interesting part was torches, because torches design showed the culture of the country and the revolution of modernistaion its countries, for example if you look at the very first (More)
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