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Visit of Mandela’s grand daughter #mandela (More)
International Day at Collège du Léman
Quiz ! Which city.....?
Shelly is enjoying of a  great trip after her final Year 12 exams. Could you tell us which famous town is she visiting? (More)
My Trip to Luzern
A Trip to Luzern On the 11th of May me and a handful of students embarked on a trip to Luzern, a city situated North East from Geneva and East from Bern. We left school rather early in the morning by my standards (08:00) on a bus. To be honest one (More)
Happy birthday Valérie
Pouyan and Rayaan our 2 participants in the Lisbon trip!
The Sun is shining
This weekend, the sun made an appearance and students got out to play some volleyball... We also had students in the beautiful city of Lisbon! More)
Nice 1st day in the Swimming Pool 🙂
  READY...3-2-1  GO! (More)
Public Holiday Fun!
Graduation is almost here !
  3 of our girls are graduating this weekend. We can't believe a year has gone by already ! Only a few more days before (More)
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