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Concha Annexe House Representative and House Captain!!!!
Introducing the new House representative and the new House Captain of Concha Annexe 2018........... BOGDAN CIUHRII & CHAMSEDDINE TRABELSI These two boys have sh (More)
Weekly Assemblies
In loco parentis (Latin: in the place of a parent) , we enjoyed our house meeting by getting to know each other a little bit more. More)
S’more Please!
After three days at camp, everyone was ready for relaxing, eating s’mores and meeting Miss Eleonora for the evening.      (More)
Concha Annexe House Assembly
This weeks House Assembly continues along the theme of building friendships. Chamseddine led the assembly and came up with a game that was based around teamwork. Two people were given two pieces of paper with one saying "Take" and the other saying (More)
Wakeboarding on Lake Geneva with Arian and Chams!!!!!
Lake Geneva Clean Up!
Today 27 students from Collège du Léman participated in the annual "Lake Geneva Clean-up". It is a great initiative attended by a large number of people of all ages. Our boys were present! ready to give their contribution to make the world a better p (More)
Welcome Diana!
This weekend saw the arrival of Diana, who joins New Portena from Iran, and will be studying in Grade 10! (More)
Lake Geneva Clean Up
This weekend the local area hosted the annual Lake Geneva clean up - an initiative to keep our stunning lake clean and beautiful . Celine, Helen and Jasmine dedicated their free time to go along and help with the big tidy. Well done girls, we are ver (More)
Badminton, Hikes and Sunset

If life gives you apples... make Apple Pie
[caption id="attachment_1344" align="alignnone" width="300"] Lots of patience and dedication to prepare the pie.

[caption id (More)
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