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Doing what they love
I went to see the girls doing Hip Hop this morning and I enjoyed so much watching their smiling, learning, and dancing!! Don't forget to keep this attitude ladies! 🙂 More)
Unexpected visit
Lucas is one of our dear children who shared a great school year with us. It is one of the best and most rewarding parts of our job when an "ex-son" come (More)
Ready to start the day? Let's get some energy!
Fruits Bread/ Toast/ Cereals Yogurt/milk Oats with milk and fruit Orange and apple juice Ham/Cheese/Turkey More)
Thursday dinner!!! Pizza and pasta party 🙂
      Lovely Italian Night More)
Happy Birthday Crystal!
Happy Birthday to Diego and Anuar!
We had a nice sing song this morning at 07:20am to celebrate Diego and Anuar’s birthdays. We will have cake this evening during social hour. 🙂   More)
Welcome Eugenia at Collège du Léman !
All the LY7  girls are supporting her in this transition so that she can feel at home away from home. We wish you every success this year with us. More)
Happy Birthday Junqi
Happy Birthday Junqi! We hope you have had a good day!   More)
Welcome Back!
Dear Families and Friends, Welcome back to our House Blog and Happy 2019! It is so good to have all the boys back and it is particularly rewarding to see that all of them are happy and in good spirits after the long break. With this first po (More)
Student Profile: Luther!
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