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Happy Summer Holiday!!!!!
School year's end
Back to school. More)
Happy Holidays!
After an extremely challenging but rewarding 2019/20 academic year, it is our pleasure to congratulating the boys on completing the term. For the boys who are departing for pasture (More)
Have a great summer!
We have now reached the end of the school year. While it has been an unexpected start to 2020, I think we have a lot to celebrate and be proud of from when we came together in August 2019. The school year started strong with the boys bonding well (More)
Happy Holidays! Wishing you all a wonderful summer!
We will keep you in our hearts! Bonne continuation!
Dear girls, We wish you an amazing new beginning! Bring the best you learned at College du Léman with you through the world  no matter where (More)
Happy Birthday Elsa!
Happy Birthday Lola!
Wishing All Of You Boys A Wonderful Summer Holiday!
Wishing you all a fantastic Summer !!
Happy Holidays!!  We wish you all a well-deserved and relaxing Summer holiday! Thank you to our LY7  girls: Laetitia, Louise J. Alina. Johane, I (More)
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