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Boarding Award Ceremony!
Well done to: Agastya & Arush: Academic Awards Carlos: Boarding Life Award Max: Activities Award More)
MP2 Boarding Awards
Congratulations to Keitaro and Amirhossein for their Boarding Life Award 🙂 Also to Yida and Danil for their Activities Award More)
Football Compeition
Earlier today saw the beginning of the indoor football competition. A few teams entered, with one team consisting of Olympus students as well as a staff team. The staff team didn't do well and ended the evening without winning a game, while the Ol (More)
World Water Day!
Nature for Water This year’s theme – Nature for Water – explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. Environmental damage, together with climate change, is driving the water-related cr (More)
Saturday Boxing Activity
On 17 March one of the available activities was boxing and I was one of the students, who decided to do it. In the morning the weather was not really good and it was quite cold, so doing sport was a right thing to do in order to start the day properl (More)
Awards Ceremony 2nd Marking Period
Congratulations to all the winner and specially to our girls from Mégard who obtained a medal for her Activity fulfillment: Yuttie and another medal for Boarding life : Shelly. More)
Congratulations to our girls for the awards they received at the boarding ceremony tonight 🙂
Awards Ceremony Second Marking Period
ACADEMICS : Claudia, Mongoljin and Laetitia. More)
Awards Ceremony
Well done to our Boys who won a prize tonight...keep up the good work into the next Marking Period. More photos to follow... More)
Waiting for sunny days to come!
We are thinking to warmer days when sunny weather help us enjoying sport activities and awesome trips with CdL! We are looking forward for next days and outside activities to come! More)
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