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Baking over last weekend
As Malia came back from her South Africa Trip on Sunday night, we decided to do some crunchies cereal bar and here is our result! (More)
Excellence in CAS
Margie was selected to receive an award of excellence and last Wednesday she shared some of their most proud moments being a Prefect in the Boarding. Margie and Constanza explained to everyone what is the role and how can a student became a Prefect. (More)
Welcome back Kate!!The girls and your birthday cake were waiting...
Personalized chopping boards from Alison!!!
Alison volunteered to engrave  our new chopping boards, in her  Wood-Crafting activity!!! More)
World Malaria Day
“Globally, the world has made incredible progress against malaria. But we are still too far from the end point we seek: a world free of malaria. Every year, the global tally of new malaria cases exceeds 200 million. And every 2 minutes, a child d (More)
Juice time!
Alina loves to make a balance in her daily life and today she made really good juice! We encourage our ladies to take care of themselves and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. More)
Congratulations Costanza !
Costanza has been selected to receive an Excellent in CAS / Service Learning Award. To receive this award students has demonstrated excellent engagement, maturity and dedication 🙂 Bravo Costanza! Proud of you! More)
Spanish Thursday Lunch! Lovely Buffet
Spanish Lunch

Wednesday dinner
[caption id="attachment_520" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rice & Baked potatoes

Many treats arrived today in Old Portena from Cherry's father!!!
We can't thank  enough, Mr. Wong,  for his  kindness and generosity! It was a lovely surprise and the girls will really enjoy this feast over the next few days! (More)
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