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Lovely white Saturday morning
Weekend activity
Sabine, Elisa and Zenia enjoyed the clear Saturday to go out with the camera and take these beautiful pictures  More)
The Tallest Snowman ☃️
This morning after Brunch, we took the opportunity to build the tallest Snowman possible. After a team effort we managed to build one that was 1m90 tall 🥳🤩😃 More)
Learn & Play with Trivial Pursuit
After playing outside in the snow for more than 3 hours we came back home to warm up and play some old classic games but modernised... Trivial Pursuit 🎲 on Nintendo Switch 🎮 3 kids teams against the House Parents team...guess wh (More)
Arts + Good Nutrition + Sports = Wellbeing Weekend
Students of Photography club worked together to come up with this game of lights. Fruit select (More)
Welcome to Olympus Azamat! 🇰🇿
The Olympus Family does not stop growing! We are pleased to host Azamat who's coming from (More)
Sofa so good!
He's no couch potato,  Karim puts his practical skills to good use as he successfully attends to a few homes improvements alongside Mr George. More)
Well-being Session : Describing your role model
This afternoon a fruitful conversation took place in our lounge during our snack time and all the girls were engaging with great interest. W (More)
Wellbeing Pillar 3 - Building Positive Friendships
Dear all, We are very happy to announce that we have now launched our 3rd Pillar of the Wellbeing Programme. At College du Leman, teaching extends beyond the classroom. The family environment in which we live should encourage students to take c (More)
Hot Chocolate is like a hug from the inside
In these cold and uncertain times, what better than to enjoy a Hot Chocolate surrounded with Friends and Familly. More)
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