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Olympic Museum
Today we visited the Olympic Museum and Lausanne. More)
October Camp - Lausanne Olympic Museum 🇨🇭
Healthy snacks for the girls who stayed at home
As you know not all the girls were able to fly home for the break. However, we try to make our best to keep healthy, fit, positive and happy. And what is the best for our wellbeing? Home made healthy snacks 🙂 More)
Ghida's project
Yesterday we all helped Ghida as much as we could with her Bussiness Project. We can't wait to see the final result!! More)
October Camp - Bern Trip 🇨🇭
Bern Trip
Today Paría, Raquel, Chisa and Hectorine went to Bern. More)
First day of the October break
After baking a Banana Bread we decided to go to Olympus and then play Uno. (More)
Welcome to our new WELLBEING SPACE!
With our new little launch we are ready to welcome our girls everyday after school  More)
Cooking, backing and movie before Holidays
THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISS KATA AND MISS DACE for this amazing night before going on Holidays More)
October Break Snack
To say goodbye for the October Break in a proper way, we had creps, ice-cream and fruit for a snack on Friday before everyone would leave! We wish you all a great brea (More)
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