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Award ceremony for the MP1!
Awards Ceremony
This week we had the Awards Ceremony which happens once at the end of the Marking Period. In this occasion, Juan Carlos was the winner in the house in the category of Activities and Weihao in the Boarding Life.  It was hard to decide since all (More)
Norah in Western University
Norah was selected yesterday to present and participate her piece of work in the Art Exhibition at the Western University. Really proud of you!! Norah doesn't stop surprising us 🙂   More)
Well being - Part II Countries and cultures
We have a smoothy talk about what our girls do to promote their country in our community. Charlotte speaks French as she is from Paris, Galiya makes bread from Kazakhstan, Katya talks in Ukraine as it actually sounds really nice and she makes other p (More)
December 5th, Johane's surprise !
L'escalade race
This weekend the boys made me very proud to be their House Parent. With very bad weather conditions, we were the only house to turn out to the Escalade race with all the boys. They were very brave and showed that they knew how to suffer during th (More)
Week 13.Wellbeing Tutorial.Community Service by Louise L.
This week in our Wellbeing session  Louise L  gave an excellent presentation focused on Community Service More)
Monthly Boarding Assembly with Aruzhan
During our Monthly Boarding Assembly,  Aruzhan gave an awesome speech and powerpoint presentation about our Wellbeing Program, Second Pillar, focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity. More)
Delicious Dinner
Loris - Academic Award - Grade 6
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