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After school activity - Rugby
It is so important that after a long day of hard work at school, that we get outside, run around, exercise and play some sports as soon as we can. For Bernardo, a release of energy through the sport of Rugby is just what the doctor ordered at the end (More)
House Dinner
This evening we welcomed some of the former Concha boys back into our Boarding House. We all enjoyed an amazing and delicious meal together, cooked for us by Mr James. Thank you so much! It is truly special whenever we do things together, and especia (More)
Pizza & Hot Dog night
Special dinner today: Pizza & Hot Dog night. We could see a lot of smiles and we enjoyed this delicious meal. More)
Happy Birthday Akihiro and Nigel!!!
Tonight we celebrated both Akihiro's and Nigel's birthday. We all had a good sing song a (More)
Well-Being. Presentations of the 2nd Pillar Individual Projects
During our boarding assembly, all of our girls made an excellent presentation of their individual projects for this Second Pillar focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity. Well done girls !! Lia Presentation: Interna (More)
Monday Dinner tricolor
Petit goûter apres l’école & Snack after school
Il fait froid à Genève  🥶  Petits pains au chocolat avec chocolat chaud et tea  !!  ❄️ (More)
Baking competition !
Today was the baking competition !!! We waiting for the results of our Moka with petits beurres. (More)
Saturday and Sunday activities
This  weekend the girls from Old Portena enjoyed  Tennis,Photography, Biking and the Beauty club. More)
Baking up a Snowy Storm
This weekend seen us compete in another House Competition. This is a great way for us to show our House Spirit and what we can accomplish as a team. Iman took the lead this year is baking our entry. He did an amazing job and we hope our cake does wel (More)
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