Biking in the rain!

Today our activity was biking – and it was raining! We were expecting it to be terrible, but it wasn’t that bad. Even if it was dirty and wet everywhere, we still kind of liked it. Also we caught a moment to see a rainbow, you can almost see it in this picture!

One thought on “Biking in the rain!

  1. I must say, Egor is king of the understatement here with “we kind of liked it”. From where I was sitting, he seemed to be having a great time!

    He was delighted to meet a flock of sheep half way round our bike run. I never knew Egor was fluent in “Sheep” but he came very close to having a full conversation with some of them! I think the only problem was that Russian sheep say “бэээ” but these guys spoke French and were more used to “bêê”!!!

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