CDB by Igor Beylin

Hello Everyone!!


Today we have the point of view of Igor Beylin, he is a new student from Russia who really likes to play tennis, computer games and to do different activities during the week and weekends!! Now he want to share with all of you his opinion and how he feels in Champ des Bois:


“It’s very good house, but the guys, I can say, are not maybe very good, but they are very very funny. We also have very funny meetings. We have very good tutor. Also I was amazed when we won the “championship” of the “most clean (best) room in Champ Des Bois”. We got a cup for whole week. It’s really cool! Also we have kitchen, where we can cook everyday. I don’t use it a lot but other guys use it. So, in my opinion, it’s cool house, but here is no one of my best friend Anatolii. But for else, it’s very good!)    

Best wishes, Igor Beylin”



photo 2


Also he is doing well in academics and he play tennis really good, we will see if here we have a “new Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer”!!


Have a gooooooood day!



2 thoughts on “CDB by Igor Beylin

  1. Well Igor adjusting is always part of the process, in no time you will be having so many new friends you will be happy to introduce them to Anatolii too. well done for the tidiness it is very important and I am proud of yours and room mate efforts. Keep up!

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