Gardening Update…

Last few chilies and tomatoes transplanted today… no more land available in our garden… potatoes are growing bigger and bigger and taking all the space ?

The boys are doing an amazing job, watering and looking after their plants on a daily basis.

It was a long journey… started at the end of February. The boys have researched what type of vegetable/fruits can grow in this season and in this part of the world.

They have chosen their seeds and planted them with enthusiasm and care.

Many of the plants died due to the bad weather condition and only very few of those seeds are now healthy plants.

The boys have certainly learnt how difficult it is ┬áto “fill a plate with food” and they are now more aware of the hard work required behind every product we eat. In our hearts we hope they will set a good example to their peers and there will be less wastage of food…