Saturday activities

In Champs des Bois, Saturday is always synonyme of adventure, discovery and excitement. Usually, our students always experience new activities or try to improve the one they already master.

Thanksgiving πŸ™

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving.

We had the chance to attended a very nice dinner prepared by our catering team. Of course we had the traditional turkey πŸ¦ƒ , but also a multitude of very different and colourful dishes. During the meal we also explained were this tradition came from and what did it represent for the American people and who it was such a big event each year for them.

Before go to sleep, the kids took a moment to right down what there were grateful for (but it’s a secret 🀫).

Climbing Club

Hanging out with friends. Really actually hanging, our Climbing Club is going well, many of the participants are coming every weekend to the climbing gym. This was Firdavs’ first time at the gym and he managed to solve some nice boulder problems. We’re sure that if he keeps practising he will be topping out a lot more in the future!

Star Bakers ⭐

Liam and Firdavs were eager to bake cupcakes for everyone this weekend. After going to the shops to buy the ingredients, the boys were excited to get into the kitchen. They followed the recipe perfectly and enjoyed being creative decorating the cupcakes ! We even had a surprise taster come in at the end to make sure everything was good.

Poney Time

What a nice way to tart the weekend, by riding a magnificent white poney.

But riding is not the only thing to do, taking care of the animal is also a very nice, sweet and lovely activity that helps our students to show everything they have learned in the boarding house : love, compassion and care.

School Path

Each day before and after school, our Champs des Bois student are taking this little nice path in the forest. It’s a nice and peaceful moment outside were the can admire nature, meet some squirrels 🐿 Β or ducks πŸ¦†.

We are impatient to show you the same amazing picture full of fresh white snow.

Wellbeing Pillar 2

Champs des Bois had another house meeting today in which we discussed the wellbeing pillar. This week we specified on the topic racism and stereotypes. With so many different nationalities in the house, we feel this is an important subject to touch. To do this, we played a little game. We put out some statements and every time something applied to the children, we let them take a step forward. Statements varied from “Take a step if you feel like you have been judged because of where you come from” to “Take a step if you have ever bullied someone”. The children were great. They thought the situations through and answered honestly. Afterwards we talked more about how it made us feel and what we could do about this.

Free but Productive day

Today was the parent-teacher meeting, so it was a no school day for the kids.
We spent the day on the campus practicing different sports and having the chance to visit the nice town of Nyon in the afternoon.