Hello, I am Alexey.

During the holidays I went to Dubai with my family. It was very interesting place to visit.

Dubai is a very fast growing city with lots of tall buildings being built by great architects from all over the world. I visited the top of Burj khalifa (in the picture below) which is the highest building in the world.

It is a great place to go to and a really interesting place because there are a lot of attractions for tourists.

It is still growing and I would like to visit it in couple  of years from now and see what’s changed.


Talent show

Tonight we had a talent show which was really good fun.

Every boarding house did a great job of making a video or performing on the stage, it gave a chance for many people to express themselves and share their talents with everyone.  We tried our best and made our video which is attached below (it might not have music because of youtube copyrights and all that kind of stuff.)  Making it was good fun!


Petanque Championships

After brunch our boarding house went cycling for couple of kilometers to a petanque field.

We had a nice pic-nic there with all kinds of snacks and drinks, and after that we had a petanque championship.

Andrey and I won the championship with the score of 8-1!!!

After the winners were announced Mr Robertson prepared some prizes for the winners like crisps, drinks, and the cup for the first place.

I really enjoyed this trip, it was really fun.

Weekend away

This weekend we went to the Vallée d’Abondance which is about an hour away from Geneva, it is a beautiful place.

On Saturday we went rafting, it was really  exciting and it was really good fun jumping in water from the rocks. After that we went cycling in the forest, it was muddy and difficult but we still had lots of fun. Also we went on the monkey bars there, I love to swing on them and hang upside-down! 

We stayed overnight in a nice hotel, had some nice food at dinner and in the evening we went to wander around in the town.

On sunday we went hiking, we were lucky because the weather really improved during our walk, it was beautiful there.

On our way home we had our lunch at Evian (where the water comes from) and free time in the city. After that we all had an ice-cream together.  

We had great fun on this weekend and we will always have lots of memories left from this trip.



Paper planes

Today was a really nice day because the weather started getting warmer and nicer, so we decided to have some fun on our free time and make a paper plane competition. We threw them from my room because it is the best room in the boarding house (to throw paper planes from the window) And I actually won the competition!!!!!!!!!!!. I really enjoyed it and I hope we will do this kind of activities more often.

Disneyland and welcome to Akhmad.

This weekend we went to Disneyland in Paris, it was really fun to go there with my friends and we had a lot of fun there.

I really enjoyed the rides we went on.

We also have a new guy in the house who’s name is Akhmad, He loves to play football and he is really sporty.

I am really looking forward to playing football in our garden with him.


Today we started to make some clay models in art and it was really fun because we were sharing our ideas and our thoughts about our sculptures.

On the first picture there are some of the guys from our boarding house, the one with a grey t-shirt is our boarding representative, I think he is a great choice because he is one of the most responsible people I know – and there is me with my sculpture down there!

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