Flying on the Swiss sky

We at Collège du Léman constantly strive to ignite a passion for exploration among our students. Our activities programme thoroughly crafted by Miss Lucélia has been a cornerstone in this endeavour, offering our boys a chance to dive into unique experiences beyond the classroom.

This month, Miss Lucélia decided to recognise those who have wholeheartedly embraced the programme by treating them to an unforgettable adventure: paragliding. Among the chosen were Shiryu from Concha and Adam from Concha Annexe. Their faces lit up with excitement as they soared above, marvelling at the world unfolding beneath them.

Both returned exhilarated, their spirits soaring as high as they had been in the sky. They were grateful for the opportunity and this experience served as a poignant reminder that dedication and commitment are always rewarded.

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