Birthdays in Concha

Matvei had his birthday over the weekend and now that he is back from the Milan trip, he got to cut his cake!
To top things off, today is also the birthday of Ivan and the boys are up to something this afternoon. Expect a post about it a bit later!

Weekend in Concha

Summer is almost here and we take advantage of the sunny and warm weather that we are getting during the weekends!

Mohammad and Aryan practiced their badminton skills in the garden.

Firdavs did his first ever wakeboarding session.

And he was amazing at it!

Mr. Philip also showed the boys how to set up a hammock and they learner a bit about walking on ropes.

Long weekend in Concha, vol. 2.

Saturday and Sunday carried on with a lot of activities for the Concha boys.
On Saturday morning, we dipped our toes in Lake Geneva for some fun, then on the afternoon we went to Geneva.


Climbing that day was also a lot of fun and in the evening, the guys had a fantastic time on the football pitch.

We also have this one from Javi, very stylish, very commanding. Being in the center of the conversation in Vienna!

Football Tournament and Chef Masafumi

This Sunday we have the Football for Everyone event on campus where boarders can participate in fun football matches while raising funds for charity.

Cooking is ever so popular and Chef Masafumi was making some delightful breakfast in the house!

Chase the ball!



Show ’em some moves!

These arms will catch any goal attempts!

Rest but observe the other team you will play against

You might be taller but I’m quicker!

Ready to play!

Lead the charge!

When you are so good that the girls are chasing you.

So, what’s the next move?

Bacon stripes! Bacon stripes! Bacon stripes! Yay!

Chef Masafumi in action.

Welcome back and International Dinner!

Welcome back to the Concha blog!
Almost everyone is back and we are back at our game at full. The final stretch, the final quarter has begun! We are near the finish line and life in the house is very smooth.

The weather allows us to spend a lot of time outside on campus and we sure get tired. Therefore we are always very hungry when we go to dinner! The dining hall staff never disappoints, and we walk away full and satisfied! Tonight was the first international dinner after the holidays and we got to taste Albanian cuisine.

Holidays, Spring Break!

We just returned to Concha from the end of February and yet here we are again, at a break!
There has been a lot going on with us, now that the weather is better and we enjoy more sunlight the football matches stretching into the night have returned! Outing in Geneva is a far better experience now too and the garden is not only getting greener but louder too thanks to us!

The trips are amazing, the mood is fantastic and we are all ready to do some well deserved stretching and relaxing before the final Hooray! of the school year!

Dear readers, followers, parents. Enjoy the holidays and the fresh, spring weather! We will be back soon!

International dinner – In connection to Norwuz!

On March 20th Norwuz, the new year celebrations according to the Persian and Iranian calendars were celebrated by people all over the world. As it is usual on Wednesdays, the CDL International Dinner always brings various dishes and flavors from around the world. It is only natural that this week, we had dinner in connection with Norwuz.

The International Dinner is an excellent event each week that allows our students to connect and learn about each others’ cultures through sharing a table and having discussions, tasty meals, and lots of fun!

Outing in Geneva!

Every Saturday the boys have the opportunity to visit Geneva as a group and go for a walk, explore the city and do some shopping together. Today was a very clear and warm day for us after the many colder days of Winter.

We enjoyed it a lot and are looking forward to have even more fun in the city once Springs kicks into full gear!