Bravo Micha for the Brown Belt !!!

Today Micha acheived  a new milestone in his judoka life.
He received the brown belt !!! One of  the highest degree of mastering this sport.

Also he made a testimonial about this sport in our boarding newsletter:

“I started Judo at the age of 8, I made a lot of friends and I enjoyed the activity.  Judo is a sport of discipline and commitment, even if it looks easy from the outside you need a lot of focus and training.  When I changed schools I stopped practicing to focus on my studies, but I quickly realised that I needed to practice a combat sport to decrease my stress and keep me physically active.

I  started boxing in November which is a very interesting sport but after a few months of practicing, I decided to go back to Judo and signed up in the local club. Taking part in a tournament is a way to reward your hard work and push you to your limit so you always try to reach a higher level. During the talent show, together with my boarding mate Jamil, we made a presentation of judo techniques on stage, I hope it gave some insight into this amazing sport and maybe encourage others to try it for themselves.

We are very proud of him 🙂