Boarders’ awards!

Today boarders were given recognition for their endeavours in the academic and boarding fields. I must say that I was very excited just to be in the Eiger auditorium: it was so full, and everybody was excited and (quite interestingly) listening in silence! The atmosphere was really beautiful.

Of course, recognizing someone’s efforts and perseverance is important because it makes that person feel that working hard does bear its fruits… but I was particularly proud because Meritas as a house had one of the best rankings!! It made me feel very good, because I do know that the Meritas Girls do have a special “something” 🙂 and it is great that others recognize this!

Once again, I would like to congratulate all of the boarders in this villa on their talents and on being so beautifully unique. Bravo!!


For boarding life: Natalia Kuleshova

Activities participation: Claire Hutin

Best GPAs: Luciana Yin and Natalia Korennaya



One day in our kitchen

On Wednesday afternoon during our cooking class in Portena we cooked spaghetti with chicken. I really enjoy cooking and especially teaching others. We had some trouble with the ingredients and we didn’t have enough utensils but we cooked a very nice meal anyway. Of course all chefs were safe and enjoyed their creation in the end: one hour in the kitchen and dinner wass ready. Bon Appétit!!!

Decoration time!

On Tuesday, the boarding house committee decorated the cafeteria. It was very interesting to see the members exhibit their creative side and demonstrate their artistic talents by creating artwork on the windows with fake snow. Since I am a member of the boarding house committee, I highly enjoyed participating and collaborating with the other members to decorate the cafeteria. Within an hour, the whole look of  the cafeteria transformed  and the space seemed much more lively and festive. It was equally satisfying  to see the pleased reactions of the students and teachers!

It snowed in Meritas!

Can you believe it ! It was snowing in our room last night !!!
Yesterday our friends brought a can to Meritas which is called ”Instant Snow”, it looks and feels like real snow.
When we opened that can, there was like some powder in a small plastic bag, but as long as you put some water on it, it began to grow very fast.
We made some snowballs and then we collected them in a bottle, so next time we can play it again.
It was such a cool magic!!!


November is here! Marked by the Halloween traditional pumpkin-carving night, this new month full of challenges and excitement has begun.

All the students in Meritas are very busy, school tasks and deadlines are just behind the corner… every week! But it is also the time for friendships, for the strengthening of relationships and for cozy breaks in the kitchen, sitting with a hot cup of tea or sharing a yummy chocolate-something together while checking the latest videos on the computer.

November is a month that somehow invites to go in, to focus and concentrate. I feel that all the Meritas Girls are really gathering their energies to dive right into all the intense weeks awaiting them before Christmas… And all I can say is: “Yes! Be strong and determined!” I am sure the results of all your efforts will be worth it.

In the meantime… let’s carve some pumpkins!