Boarders’ awards!

Today boarders were given recognition for their endeavours in the academic and boarding fields. I must say that I was very excited just to be in the Eiger auditorium: it was so full, and everybody was excited and (quite interestingly) listening in silence! The atmosphere was really beautiful.

Of course, recognizing someone’s efforts and perseverance is important because it makes that person feel that working hard does bear its fruits… but I was particularly proud because Meritas as a house had one of the best rankings!! It made me feel very good, because I do know that the Meritas Girls do have a special “something” 🙂 and it is great that others recognize this!

Once again, I would like to congratulate all of the boarders in this villa on their talents and on being so beautifully unique. Bravo!!


For boarding life: Natalia Kuleshova

Activities participation: Claire Hutin

Best GPAs: Luciana Yin and Natalia Korennaya



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