The finest chefs in the world…!

Last week the Meritas residents had a chance to show the ability to cook to Viex-Port. What a dinner it was. It was a beautiful feast prepared by the «finest chefs in the world» living in Meritas. Burgers of perfect taste were cooked for the boys and coke and ice tea like an ambrosia was proudly standing on the table. Oh, what a dinner it was…

Boys sat on their wooden chairs chairs, and were all quiet and solemn at first. This was the first time they had to try «homemade» burgers for many of them, but the hunger for the feast burned within many of them. Not a normal hunger, but the kind of hunger that drives men mad. A powerful dark hunger that lingers long after your stomach is filled. After all this was no normal feast.

One of the boys close to the end of the table could wait no more. He picked up his knife and fork and dug in. He ate incredibly fast and ferociously, ripping and tearing the meat and washing it down with some Coke. After a while, all the others also began to eat. Girls didn’t eat as much due to the diets and healthy lifestyle but boys savouring the our burgers made the girls’ mouths fill with saliva…

The dinner was nearly complete, most of the girls were quiet at that point, and only a few boys were still picking at the pieces of meat left with their knifes and forks. They thanked us for the incredible dinner they had. We spent the rest of the dinner by telling jokes and funny stories to each other. Oh, the joy and satisfaction they felt was so evident after that dinner, and what a dinner it was! What a dinner indeed.

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