All Russian students know it was Maslenica last night, so I hope you all enjoyed the pancakes if you had a chance to make some!!! If anyone is fasting, good luck 😀

The vacation is coming, I hope the weather will get better, and I hope all of you will have a great Easter and a lot of fun coloring eggs!!

Alise & Elina


Spring spring spring!

Everybody in Meritas is looking forward to the upcoming season.

Temperatures started rising again from last week. Although it cools down a bit sometimes after rising, it still shows that we are getting closer and closer to spring.

On Saturday my roommate and I were woken up by some birds singing outside our window. We were a bit angry at first, since it was so early in the morning, but that was also a sign of spring coming.

According to the weather forecast, the temperature is going down again in a few days and it is going to rain, but as people say, “If it rains in spring, it is going to get warmer”. Let’s all hope that the temperature is going to rise faster and let the season of hope arrive sooner than we imagine!

Tong Tong & Sunny

International Room

Their room is a mixed between Russia, France and Brazil. They are the only international room which is weird because everybody would assume that all the rooms are international. They are lucky to have such mixture, in this way they are able to explore new cultures/languages even though they have never been there. This weekend it was Luciana’s turn to introduce her roommates to a little bit of Brazil’s culture by taking Ksenia and Claire to a Brazilian restaurant 🙂

A typical Brazilian dish encompasses rice, black beans and meat .. MAINLY meat. Ksenia loves meat so there was not a problem, however Claire does not like meat. Luckily the restaurant had more options apart from this typical dish and Claire could eat something else with them.

The advantage of studying abroad and letting your child go to other countries is this new environment where he/she can learn a little bit more about the world.

They share their views about everything, not only about food. In less than a year they were able to become close friends. Besides the differences in age, country and cultures, they are an example of friendship, as they are there to help each other whenever it is needed.

by Luciana and Claire