Sporty girls

Meritas girls love practicing sports, especially at six o’clock in the morning. Every day we go for a run, no matter what the weather outside the window is. It is always fun, in particular when it is very cold. Mornings are still very cold even now, in the last month of spring. Our aim is to stay healthy and beautiful. Why we are doing it in the morning? Usually because some of the girls do not like to be watched, and also because we like to experiment. Another reason is that we don’t like going to the gym. We do everything inside our boarding house: after dinner our house turns into a big exercise room, where each new member is welcome. We really enjoy our lifestyle and we are really lucky that all girls in Meritas love practiving sports and staying healthy. After exercising, we turn our boarding into a huge kitchen where lots of delicious food is prepared. That’s how we live. 🙂