Weather, you alright?

As many of you have probably noticed already, the weather has been going crazy. In one day, we could witness all of the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. It’s so hard to know what to wear because personally I change about 9,384 times in the morning before I leave the boarding house. Girls, I know that feeling when you aren’t sure what to wear especially when the weather is absolutely unpredictable. It’s absolutely pointless to put aside clothes at night that you may wear the next day, because the weather will change on purpose, so what I suggest to you all of you who understand my current dilemma is to wake up 10 to 15 minutes earlier in the morning, check the setting outside and refresh your Weather App on the iPhone, yet don’t always rely on the phone when it’s about the weather. Although it is almost summer… or it is supposed to be summer, keep warm, sleep enough and be prepared for snow in the middle of June… You never know what may happen tomorrow 😉

We love studying!

Meritas is quite busy with upcoming exams and girls have to spend a huge amount of time and energy for them. The lucky IB2 students are almost finished, while IB1 and AP girls have 16 more days before the exams start. So I wish all the IB2 and AP students to get high grades for the exams and good luck for those who have not even started to study…

Au Vieux port

Time flies and we are almost at the end of this school year!

After some hard weeks of study and exams, our senior girls are ready (or almost) to  leave the nest. And we couldn’t just let them go without a see-you-soon dinner. We all had a very nice evening in a cosy restaurant, surrounded by affection and  good wishes. And the icing on the cake, was the speciality of the place, le filet de perche.


Back To Childhood

Unlike the writer of the previous post, I was one of those who left CDL for the Ascension long-weekend and joined their family for these 4 days. As I have a younger sister, we decided to go somewhere not far from school, but interesting for her to visit. Of course, we chose Paris Disneyland, or Eurodisney, and my sister really enjoyed it. She is 4 years old, so it was especially exciting for her to see all the cartoon heroes and princesses in “real life”, to visit the place the where they “live”.

And I was happy as well, because I saw my family and found my childhood memory again of being in this magical place.

Here, in boarding house, we are not just people from different places. There is something more, because we have our families behind us that are making each of us unique.

A taste of the ocean

Meritas girls enjoy their holidays very much! We are here in CDL during the “Ascension” long week-end… Today we went to a restaurant which is called café de centre in Geneva. The sea food there is super good and super fresh, we ate so much and we spent almost 4 hours there. The restaurant is distinguished because of the location and the French cuisine. We can feel the passion of French people towards life, no matter if it is sea food or dessert.

Time goes by so fast!

I have been thinking of interviewing the grade-12 students in Meritas for a while but never seem to act at the right time. So today I just walked into the kitchen and took a couple of pictures of Ksenia and Luciana 🙂

I must say that “exams time” is always a very special period in one’s life, but particularly at the end of high school. I still have very clear memories of my end-of-the-year exams, and especially of the intense, hectic weeks that preceded them.

Somehow life functions according to different laws: time has another meaning, days can be incredibly long while studying but at the same time very short, because one always wishes there could be a few more hours to revise just that chapter… It feels like the academic year is finishing – and that’s such a relief! But at the same time a whole cycle is coming to an end. High school. Is. Over. Moving on. University. A different city, settling down in a new school, in a new boarding environment maybe (university dorms?), in a new apartment. Meeting new people, making new friends. But all THIS, that exists HERE and NOW is still so alive! And there is still so much that needs to give that feeling of completion before one can move on!

I am a bit caught in the “magic” of this period of the year. Just by looking at all the boarders’ faces I see a different sparkle. There is excitement, tension, but at the same time a kind of let-go (“I’ve done all I could, this is it!”) and also so much sweetness. Friends taking care of each other, showing their affection; a certain mellow feeling that vibrates in the house… I am enjoying it and also I try to inhale it and carry it with me every day!

Thank you, beautiful young ladies.