Time goes by so fast!

I have been thinking of interviewing the grade-12 students in Meritas for a while but never seem to act at the right time. So today I just walked into the kitchen and took a couple of pictures of Ksenia and Luciana 🙂

I must say that “exams time” is always a very special period in one’s life, but particularly at the end of high school. I still have very clear memories of my end-of-the-year exams, and especially of the intense, hectic weeks that preceded them.

Somehow life functions according to different laws: time has another meaning, days can be incredibly long while studying but at the same time very short, because one always wishes there could be a few more hours to revise just that chapter… It feels like the academic year is finishing – and that’s such a relief! But at the same time a whole cycle is coming to an end. High school. Is. Over. Moving on. University. A different city, settling down in a new school, in a new boarding environment maybe (university dorms?), in a new apartment. Meeting new people, making new friends. But all THIS, that exists HERE and NOW is still so alive! And there is still so much that needs to give that feeling of completion before one can move on!

I am a bit caught in the “magic” of this period of the year. Just by looking at all the boarders’ faces I see a different sparkle. There is excitement, tension, but at the same time a kind of let-go (“I’ve done all I could, this is it!”) and also so much sweetness. Friends taking care of each other, showing their affection; a certain mellow feeling that vibrates in the house… I am enjoying it and also I try to inhale it and carry it with me every day!

Thank you, beautiful young ladies.



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