Saying our goodbyes :)

“This year I met a lot of new people and we have been through many things. We became very close to each other. The year was full of events and emotions, and I liked it a lot! See u in two months ;)” Natalia Korennaya

“It is hard time for all of us, last week of the school. Exams are coming. I wish a good luck for every one!!! It will be over soon and we will have SUMMER holidays ;)” Natalia Kuleshova

“Dear readers of Meritas blog! This academic year was amazing! I am truly grateful for living in Meritas and having Natalia, Tsar Yuliya and Dasha as my roommates. Hope you all have a fabulous summer and have enough rest before September!” Dina Yetekbay

“I think, we all have been waiting for the end of the year. Of course, its such a pleasure to have some free time and sleep as much as you want. Just the last obstacle left – our exams. I hope that everyone will do a great job on passing those or doing anything else they need, so everyone will have some leisure time to rest and gain energy.” Elina Chebotayeva

“It’s such a lovely experience to live in annex with Sunny, Alise, Juliana and Elina. I am so gonna miss my friends here during the summer. This year is unusual and unforgettable, I will cherish these memories and save them in my mind. Special thanks to Elena and Esther!!!”
Tong Tong Hu

“Can’t believe this year is coming to an end. This is my second year in CDL and my first year living in Meritas. Different from last year, we are a lot more independent. This allows us to learn to manage our time and be organized. This year is good in general. Girls from the Annex are becoming like a family. Though there were some hard times and bad memories, together with good ones, they are all going to be little sparkles shining bright in our minds.” Sunny Renhang Zhang

“Étant la seule élève en section française à Meritas, je prend l’initiative d’écrire en français. Cette année fut riche en émotions; nouvelles rencontres, nouvelle maison, mais surtout passage du baccalauréat et malheureusement des adieux douloureux à de réelles amitiés qui se sont formées durant l’année. Être interne est une expérience unique, parfois éprouvante, mais qui nous permet de gagner en autonomie, de s’ouvrir au monde et d’apprendre à vivre en communauté. Avoir passé l’année dans une maison aussi paisible que Meritas fut un réel bonheur et je souhaite bon courage à toutes les filles de la maison pour leurs examens. We can do it, girls !” Claire Hutin

“Another year in CDL is coming to an end. It’s so hard to believe that this time next year I won’t be here as I will be enjoying my summer. This year was full of hard times, but also some incredible moments that I will take with me. I just want to say thank you to all the people around me that have helped me throughout the hard times, a special thanks to Esther, Elena, Mr. Usher and my cousin Luciana. Hope to see everyone back next year, and for those who won’t be back I want to wish them the best in life.” Juliana Yin

“It was such a nice year spent in CDL. Hope to see everyone next year. Have a lovely summer and enjoy the last days before the beginnings of the term. Good luck!” Yulia Tsuglenok

“I have the sensation that Meritas has become a home for all of us. We were all far from family and home when we started last August and we missed them.  During this year, we have shared, helped and listed to each other. We’ve been there when our neighbor needed us. We have been encouraged and comforted. In short, we have built another family  just here, in Versoix.  Now, it is time to leave the Boarding house and go back home. But one thing is true, we are all going to miss our new family as we missed home at the beginning. I want to thank you all, girls, for a fantastic year together”. Esther Puchades

“What a year! Intense fun, long winter, short spring, lots of laughter and also crying – these walls have seen it all! I want to express my gratitude to all the Fabulous Meritas Girls and to Esther for making this year very special for me… I feel lucky because I have the possibility to share this boarding life with you, and I like the way we are mirroring each other! I wish everybody a great summer break… lots of sun, family, friends, good home food and… A big hug to all those who are moving on to university or other school – you will be missed!! And for the others… see you at the end of August!” Elena Ciani


The school year is nearly over!! :D :C

The school year is nearly over and it’s almost time to say our goodbyes. I feel like this year was full of ups and downs, but for me it was definitely a year for new discoveries and a lot of stress! The end of the school year also means exams time! :C But it also means that summer is coming!! 😀 well…at least for some of us, not me though 🙁 that’s because I’m going back to my country, where it’s going to be winter and rainy.
Last weekend all my family came over for my brother and my cousins’ graduation, which was a big and exciting reunion! My dad told me ‘ this time next year I’ll be here for your graduation’ . That was such a wake up call, what he said was so true but didn’t feel real. But I can’t wait to graduate and finish this year with the best results possible.

Juliana Yin

An evening on the lake

On 26th of May all the boarding community had an official evening out. The CDL’s administration rented a nice boat, so all the boarders and the boarding management could enjoy the (almost) summer evening and the lake view.

We had a delicious dinner, some speeches dedicated to the main achievements of this year and graduating students. It’s amazing to spend some time together, talking, listening to the music, wearing smart clothes and just enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

All of us would love to have something similar again next year 🙂