IB geography trip to the Versoix river

It was sunny all last week except the day when we had our trip 😉 It was raining the night before so it was very muddy. We went to the source of the river Versoix and started our experiment. We had to make 10 different stops at the river and make measurements: the depth and width of the river, the speed of the stream, and we had to measure the size of 7 different rocks. I really liked that trip because I had the best thing to do, to be a photographer. Some of my friends had to go each time into the cold water to collect the data. At the last stop, where the river is joining the Leman lake, the sun came out and we got a little bit of time to dry out before going to school. At the end of October we need to finish IA on the data that we have, but this is already another story.
That’s IB geography style.


We students, especially IB2s, have loads of deadlines. I suppose everyone has done the first draft of Extended Essay. We now have TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) presentation and TOK essay to be done. For the essay, the first draft should be handed in by 14th of October, second draft on 2nd of December and the final draft should be submitted on 14th of February (St.Valentine’s day!). For presentation, there is no accurate date, but it will be done during November and December. TOK practice essay about Basel trip (only IB1s) is due this Friday!

For IB2, we need to prepare application requirements by mid or end of November, and deadline for senior will is 1st of December. Make sure don’t forget these deadlines, otherwise you may mess up the whole year!


This is the last school year for many of us in the boarding house, which means that we have to start applying to universities. Most of my friends are not happy with the idea of going to university, since that means more responsibility and leaving our friends behind. However, I am quite positive with the idea of moving forward and meeting new people. I can’t wait for next year. I can’t wait to live in the UK and make new friends. I am so excited to finally study something I love, which is Psychology. I’ve already started preparing for my University application. I spent the whole week-end working on my personal statement. I want it to be as good as possible so that I can get into my dream University.


Today was an amazing day! Students from different boarding houses had a chance to go to paragliding in France.
You feel like a bird, when you’re at a height of 800-1,000 mt above the mountain and you see the Mont-Blanc… This is the kind of thing that you’d better do one time, rather than hear about it 1,000 times.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend! And good luck for the next working days! 😉

It’s time.

It’s unbelievable how fast time passes. I am not sure about others, but for me everything is happening too quickly. Just a day before I was a year Ten, now – senior. We have to do more, act more, behave more, think more. And have more responsibilities as well. The world spins round and round and we don’t have the time to stop and think: what is it I am doing right? However, it’s more important than people think it is. Everyone is too busy shaping the world for themselves. Or themselves for the world.

New experience

Since the beginning of the school year I had time to sign up to many interesting activities, such as yoga, horseback riding and paragliding; I also applied to the Dining Hall Committee. I already practiced all of them, but what really impressed me is a charity named ZOA which is organized by College du Leman to raise money and support an orphanage in Zambia, known as the ‘Serenje Orphans Childrens Home’ (SOCH). The most exciting thing about this charity is that every two years they organize a trip to Zambia. I am really glad and pleased that I can participate and help children from Zambia. As a conclusion, I wanted to say that if you try to be as active as you can,  you will see that a whole new world opens its doors to you.