IB geography trip to the Versoix river

It was sunny all last week except the day when we had our trip 😉 It was raining the night before so it was very muddy. We went to the source of the river Versoix and started our experiment. We had to make 10 different stops at the river and make measurements: the depth and width of the river, the speed of the stream, and we had to measure the size of 7 different rocks. I really liked that trip because I had the best thing to do, to be a photographer. Some of my friends had to go each time into the cold water to collect the data. At the last stop, where the river is joining the Leman lake, the sun came out and we got a little bit of time to dry out before going to school. At the end of October we need to finish IA on the data that we have, but this is already another story.
That’s IB geography style.

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