The weather for the last few days became so horrible! It is cold + it is raining all over the time 🙁

Study Study Study!!! ;)

IB makes us study so hard, we are spending a lot of time reading books and doing homework! Good luck to everyone with their studying! 😉

To watch or not to watch?

About a week ago, in my English class the teacher decided to let us watch a movie called “A Beautiful Mind”, which had won several awards, and the Oscar was one of them. After a while, I decided to conduct a mini research about the Oscar awards and all of the movies that ever won the prize in the whole history of cinematography, so I decided to watch few.

I stumbled upon a movie that was filmed 2 years ago but in an old fashioned manner, and that movie had won an Oscar award. The title is “The Artist”, and it is filmed black and white and silent. The genre is comedy with a slight hint of both drama and romance. The plot is easy to follow and obviously, without any voices, there are only instrumental music and sound effects.

I was never the kind of person who would be passionate for films, especially silent or black and white. Whenever, YOU (the reader of this blog entry) have an extra minute of free time, please use itto watch “The Artist”, you will not regret it and may thank me later.

Summary for the week

It was a long week. Discovery days… and the week-end is already over 🙁 It is going to be a whole 5 days of school, but we are going to have our boarding house activities, so it will be fun 🙂 This week some girls got their trunks back and were busy with them during the evenings, but now all of us ready for the hard school year!!! Hopefully October break is near 😉

Discovery Day

We had a Discovery Day at school and had a trip to Bern. We visited 3 museums : Einstain museum, Art museum and museum about communication!!! We also had many activities at school during CAS Day. Like dancing, photography and cooking. We were very tired after, but it was nice to have  experience like that.

Happy birthday Alisa!


Tonight spirits were high as Alisa entered her bedroom to find her bed completely covered with colorful ballons and pretty gifts from her friends!

Although her birthday was actually last Saturday, celebrations were postponed due to Alisa being with her family in Geneva… And the evening was made even sweeter by a yummy chocolate cake! Last but not least, a nice round of individual wishes that each boarder said aloud to Alisa… wishes to accompany her in her bright future!


Because yesterday was a holiday, we were all happy to just have a relaxing day instead of having to work hard in school. However, that was not the case for some of us! That’s because our trunks had finally arrived and we had to unpack and work harder than we do at school. Don’t get us wrong, we were extremely happy to finally get our things back, including books and clothes, but that meant unpacking…



After having spent the whole day unpacking, this is what our room looked like. We’ve finally got our stuff and everything seems well organized, so let’s try to keep it that way… And the plus side is that it finally feels like home!! 😀 😀

By the roomies Juliana and Natasha