Inspired art trip

Finally, I am writing my first post this year!

A few days ago, both IB and AP Art students went to an amazing and quite inspiring art trip which included an art college visit, a Bag Art show and a photographic exhibition.

In that art college we viewed the undergraduate art show: some of the undergrads invented many impressive art works with beautiful colors and super cool functions. For example, there was an entertainment tool for iPad which looks like a small wooden cylinder with a hand shank, but if you put it on your iPad and start to turn the hand shank, it will play music and make a very cool figure on the screen. And the next place was interesting as well, it is called Coup de Sac. All of the exhibits in that gallery, such as clothing, furnitures and paintings were made from plastic bags, the ultimate symbol of our globalised society. And the theme of the gallery basically tells us that art is from our everyday life.

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