Every path is the right path.

The problem of choosing is one of the most recurrent which occur in life. By no means deciding upon something is easy. Especially when you are trying to think wider, trying to rethink all the possible outcomes. Isn’t it hilarious?… because it’s impossible. However, no one should forget: “Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.” (c) Mr. Nobody.

There are a lot of movies which can make you laugh,  feel depressed and cry, or cry because you’ve been laughing so much; or movies can inspire.

“Mr. Nobody”. Talking about this movie is extremely difficult. How often do we simulate in our minds what could have happened? What could have changed? How life could have been different? How often do we stand on the crossroads? I do this a lot.

The main idea of the film seems simple – “the rest of our live depends on the each steps we take, on the each decision make; we are free, now we can choose.” But how this idea is showed! Think about the railroad tracks. They diverge in different directions, creating hundreds of different roads. Same logic work with our lives.

If you ever thought about any of the things that were mentioned, I think that you will find “Mr. Nobody” interesting. And 2 hours won’t seem that long.

At least, for me. I am a professional in procrastinating by enjoying (or “depressing”) myself with rising philosophical questions… Time to study for the exam.

Boarding cooking competition!

Despite that the house competition in cooking was about 2 weeks ago, I decided to write about it.
So, on Wednesday evening Maluen provided every house by several ingredients: 6 eggs, 1 L milk, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg powder flour, 300 g cheese, 10 g vanilla sugar and some another powder.
On the same evening we, me and Yulia, decided what we can cook from these ingredients. There wasn’t any chocolate or even butter – and, by the way, all extra ingredients were banned! It took us a long time to find a nice recipe of a good cake. I read about 10-20 different articles about that cake – to know all the secrets of cooking it.
The next morning I woke up at 5 a.m. The Internet didn’t work (thank God Yulia had saved the recipes!). But it wasn’t the worst: Yulia hdsn’t got up, and I needed her to open the main house for me – so that I could cook in a big nice kitchen. What did I have to do in that situation? I turned on my Russian phone on to call her. But she  hanged up. So I called her a second time – she answered.
Finally we could start cooking the main part – meringues and a special cream from milk. (If you want to have the recipe – let me know, I will send it to you!)
Then, after school we prepared the decorations for the cake: caramel parts. The first time I didn’t make the caramel right – so we had to throw it away. Second time – it was ideal, but there wasn’t enough of it. Third time – the caramel burned; fourth – it was okey. So, at least for 1-1,5 hours we were cooking the decorations.
But the worst was the next step in our cooking: how to placethese thin caramel decorations without breaking them?…
Yulia and I have sacrificed our sleep and free time for that competition, we were very happy to participate!
P.S.: the pictures of our cake are already on the blog!^^


Unfortunately, I was unable to post on the 20th of November due to not feeling so well. I would like to dedicate this post to my caring, attentive roommates Yulia, Nastia and Nataxa. Like in any other room of the boarding house, we have our own little rules; for example, Natasha is the first one to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning to take a shower, no one takes it before her, after her is Nastia at 6.20 and I am the last one at 6.50. Yulia only takes it before going to sleep. Though it may seem like nothing special, still this has become our daily routine which makes our room function… and of course there are many more traditions in our room which make living with these girls much more special.

I am especially thankful for the fact that they were taking care of me when i was not feeling physically and emotionally well. For instance, Nastia brought me medicine for my throat when I needed it the most, meanwhile Natasha made me laugh, supported me emotionally and Yulia tried  to keep me busy and occupied in order not to think about certain things.

Yulia and Natasha have been close friends of mine for two years now and one of the things they strongly believe in is karma. I cannot agree more with the whole idea of karma, to be honest: everything that we do nowadays will reflect in some way to us in future. Maybe it won’t happen to us today but it will definitely happen at some point in our lives. One unpleasant word may hurt someone so deeply that they will find it hard to forgive the person who hurt them. The point when the person forgives and lets go of the hurtful things that have been done to them it is then when karma starts working. In my opinion, it is important to act like a mirror in life. Whatever people wish you, always wish twice as much to them. So always make sure that your close ones know that you care about them and don’t take for granted those whom you see every day.

The Bucket List

Today I finished with all my homework and watched a good film The Bucket List.

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.




Happy birthday Emily!

Here is the account of a typical (and SUCCESSFUL) birthday party in Villa Ecureuil!!


The beautiful young lady who is celebrating her birthday with a dinner outside the boarding house is on her way… But which way? Did she get lost? Why don’t the other friends with her give us a call with more details??? So we wait… and wait….


Usually there is a “sentinel” rushing to the house to tell us she is arriving! Lights out! Cake and candles ready!!! And we start singing…. 🙂



This is also a “must” in the ritual: the birthday girl must cut the first slice!


Yep, this is delicious chocolate cake time! Everybody is totally focused only on that one thing… the incredibly good home-made cake!


We all say our wish for the Birthday Girl 🙂 This is also our little tradition!


Learn! Learn! Learn! ;)

We always have to memorize something and sometimes its very hard to do! So I decided to post some tips that will make your memorizing process easier and faster ! Good Luck 🙂

Sit in a peaceful environment. Go where there are no distractions, nothing that will visually catch your eye. Avoiding “shiny objects” will allow you to focus on what it is you need to memorize. That means no TV, open windows, or those cat clocks with eyes that move back and forth.

Color code your information by type. For example, if you’re memorizing history notes, then color code them by dates or key people. George Washington is blue, Ben Franklin is orange, anything about the Revolution is red, King George is green, etc.

Go through each color-coded section, writing and rewriting each item down until you can successfully memorize it all. Writing each item down on a matching-color Post-It note will not only help cement this association in your mind, it will help with the next step too.

Place a Post-It or index card on a location you frequently visit, such as your locker or your bedroom door. Read it every time you pass by. Align your notes by color, vertically, and horizontally, by time.

Frequently write and rewrite the notes. When you go to your note board, look at an item, rewrite it on a fresh Post-It or card, and replace the existing one. If you are having particular difficulty with one of the existing notes, take the old note and put it somewhere else, where you will see it more often. Replace that one occasionally, too.

Find a partner to study with. Draw diagrams/graphs, write out explanations, and teach concepts to each other to help each of you better remember them.

Highlight the high points. Look for important of key words depending on what you have to memorize, highlight them, remember them, then try to memorize the rest. If reading online PDFs, make use of the highlighting function for key points. This helps your memory, as well as fast recovery of information when searching through the document again.

Move around. Pace around the room while studying and repeating the information to yourself. By walking around, you will use both your right and left brain and memorizing the material will be much easier.


A good thing is going to happen to our boarding house!!! When we will come back from winter break there will be new good windows =) No more cold floors!!! However, there is a more uncomfortable side of the story: they will start to change the windows on December 16 and everyone is leaving on 18 of December, so we will be moved somewhere else, probably to other boarding houses… but it is only for 3 days.  I am happy the windows will be changed!

Cooking competition

On the 14th of November 2013 CDL challenged its students with a cooking competition. The rules are quite simple: each Boarding House is given a certain amount of products and other ingredients and must create one dish (main course, desert, etc) within those limits.  Villa Ecureuil took the challenge in a serious way, discussing all the possible opportunities to prepare a meal. Inna and I volunteered and used an advantage: consider all the girl’s suggestions, make a list of recipes and sketch a design for the cake.  Finally we came up with an idea of re-creating a Russian traditional cake, “Grafskie Razvalini”, made out of “kiss” and custard. The final outlook was decided to be based on a decoration with caramel drawings and sugar powder. Hard work and one sleepless night were rewarded with a first place in the competition.  Villa Ecureuil indeed can be proud of the first victory in the series of competitions running this year.