Merry Christmas!

Well, guys, it is time for the last post in 2013… I think all of us were able to overcome different life circumstances this year: from great misfortunes to glorious victories. I hope that good memories will stay in your mind making you smile every time you feel depressed… and bad ones can always help you to avoid any further mistakes and disappointments!!!

IB2, take a rest, as Mock exams are coming soon!

IB1 can relax, as the true horror will start next year  😉

AP and Maturité, good luck and don’t stress too much!

Wish you all good grades, true love, loyal friends… and letters of acceptance to universities you wish to get in!
I hope you will have an amazing Christmas and New Year party, either with your family or with your friends! Wish you all the best and good luck!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cirque du Soleil in Geneva!!!

Last Sunday, Ecureuil girls and other boarders had an amazing experience to watch Cirque du Soleil in Geneva. All of us were so into it and we pretty much enjoyed it.

The show we watched is called “Dralion”, it was really special for me because it was actually inspired by Chinese culture, and I always watch this kind of performance on TV but never had an opportunity to watch it live, now this dream came true.

The music was SUPER COOL, I even recorded it and now I’m listening to it hahahaha… I really love this type of music, because it makes me have the feeling of going back to an ancient world. Then, my favorite part was the four people playing with trampolines. It was really dangerous, they needed to jump from the top of the high wall to the trampolines and then back to the top. The height was like five meters, I think, everyone was nervous and Juliana was screaming… hahahaha!

I hope we can have another chance to watch Cirque du Soleil in the future!

Mandela, Gandhi, and democracy

The symbol of South Africa’s unity, the most respected leader Nelson Mandela passed away recently. His funeral is said to be the biggest funeral of half a century. Mandela and Gandhi are both considered to be the greatest leaders of all time. However, no matter South Africa or India, Asia or the whole world, it is not enough to only have Mandela and Gandhi.

The most obvious similarity between Mandela and Gandhi is that they were both educated in a Western way, they both stood out to be against Western countries or Western forces. When they succeeded, they both started to use the Western political frame. This kind of  twist might be one of the reasons why Westerners paid great attention to them.

Although both of them succeeded in changing their countries, societies there seem to have more problems than before. If we only consider democracy, India cannot even be compared to Indonesia and Malaysia, which had just turned to be democratic. South Africa, a country which could compete with Korea and Taiwan for economic power, nowadays has fallen behind. If we still say that Mandela and Gandhi are the greatest politicians in the world, then these problems might have arisen from the people within these two countries, who may be having problems in following the footsteps of their leaders. The two leaders learned the weaknesses of Western people and defeated white leaders, but did not know how to defeat the problems within their citizens. Maybe it would have been much better for South Africa if the policy with obvious white discrimination had not been established, and white people had not been eliminated from important jobs. Maybe security and economy would have develop more rapidly, but it is just maybe.

Real democracy cannot be achieved by only the leader of a country, its concept must be planted into all citizens’ minds and boost the development of society. Otherwise it might become a harmful tool for people. For India and South Africa, they have just made a small step on the road to democracy and they still have a long way to go. I think people should realize that the formation of democracy cannot be achieved by only Mandela and Gandhi, they are far from enough. Democracy needs all people’s support and power, economic and social development, and better education.

Last but not least, to one of the most influential person in the world, Mandela, may you rest in peace.

(inspiration taken from some blogs in China)

busy weekend

This week-end was full of activities. The Ecureuil girls were busy every day. On Friday afternoon, everyone was rushing to prepare for Christmas dance. Right after school, the great preparation began. By 6 o’clock we were all ready to go. Christmas dance was 5 hours long, so by the end of the day we were very tired.

On Saturday morning, some of the girls had a race in the old town centre – the Course de l’Escalade. The day was quite warm and sunny, so it was a pleasure to have a small run in the morning.

Sunday was also very intense: more that half of the boarding school when to see the Cirque du Soleil. It was an amazing show and everyone was very excited.

The week-end is over, and now it is the last full week before holidays.

Well done girls, keep it up! It’s almost holiday time ☺

Xmas party ^^

I’m really thankful to Maluen for such a nice party.

However I hope next time the champagne will be real, not the one for kids!!

Santa is here!

Santa visited Villa Ecureuil yesterday and the girls wanted to say thank you with a big dinner! Check the result 🙂

Thank you girls for a lovely dinner all together