Cirque du Soleil in Geneva!!!

Last Sunday, Ecureuil girls and other boarders had an amazing experience to watch Cirque du Soleil in Geneva. All of us were so into it and we pretty much enjoyed it.

The show we watched is called “Dralion”, it was really special for me because it was actually inspired by Chinese culture, and I always watch this kind of performance on TV but never had an opportunity to watch it live, now this dream came true.

The music was SUPER COOL, I even recorded it and now I’m listening to it hahahaha… I really love this type of music, because it makes me have the feeling of going back to an ancient world. Then, my favorite part was the four people playing with trampolines. It was really dangerous, they needed to jump from the top of the high wall to the trampolines and then back to the top. The height was like five meters, I think, everyone was nervous and Juliana was screaming… hahahaha!

I hope we can have another chance to watch Cirque du Soleil in the future!

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