Valentine’s Day Past

Guys, this lovely day has just passed, and i want you to realize one thing – all of us we are beautiful girls who do not need anyone to make us feel so. Women were always the strongest part of the population, so turn on “I will survive” and luagh at the face of boys’ drama.

P.S. This emancipation-like statement is dedicated to all the girls from CDL boarding community no matter wether they are single or in

Done with ToK

Everybody knows that when doing IB, there is an interesting and quite controversial subject. Quite frankly, I have no spare time to write a long meaningful blog post hence I would like to share with you the beginning of my ToK essay 🙂


“Approaching an area of knowledge has to have its own method. Human culture is widely varied and it has recognized many areas of knowledge such as religion, art, history and so therefore there have been created different ways of gaining knowledge. Additionally, humankind has found ways in which the information can be obtained from these sources; the ways are such as sense perception, logic and reasoning, emotion and so on. It’s quite obvious that each area of knowledge would need to have a different and unique approach and this can sum up what Abraham Maslow is claiming in the quote above. For instance, if we take the example provided by Mr. Maslow, one can easily hammer down the screw but there is a greater chance that the screw may break what it is being hammered in hence the problem would not be solved. Emotion and reason are different in gaining knowledge consequently they should be applied in different areas, for instance in ethics it would be likely to utilize logic same as emotion in arts, however what would happen if ways of knowing were applied in a different area of knowledge hence how radically would the outcome change?

Emotion is a subjective way of knowing based on physiology or psychology of the person. Life without emotions is unheard of because of the cultural values and traditions, which are based upon the emotion. A common saying “listen to your heart” refers to the person following the gut instinct with little or no utilization of reason and logic. The hammer is a connotation of emotion as a way of knowing because when applying emotion in an area of knowledge like ethics a conflict may arise. “

12 of February

Today there is going to be a Valentine’s dance in school =) Most of us won’t go due a big amount of homework and the end of the marking  period is soon, but some of us will still go and enjoy their day. School provides us with the possibility to send a rose and chocolates to people who are important for us :)) On 14th of February they are going to deliver them! Can’t wait 🙂 As all girls I suppose 😉

It’s… Marilyn!!

Celebrity 13 feb - Elena as young Marilyn Monroe

Yes!! This is our beautiful young version of Marilyn Monroe! Our Elena gave a great performance as the young not-yet-so-famous actress during the Celebrity Event that the Boarding Activities Office had organized yesterday night. The Leman canteen was full of celebrities of very different kinds and it is clear that our Marilyn shone as a bright star among all of them!! Well done, Elena!

Photos Pictures Arts


I wanted to share some informations about photography. For some people photography it’s just about taking randoms shoots of everything, but actually photography is an Art and we need to remember it! It’s to capture an instant which you will never be able to go back to. It’s a kind of unique image, we cannot take the same photograph twice . It’s something so interesting, you can change the perception of the world with just a picture. It can transmit feelings and emotions just by the way you take it. So now think about it before taking or deleting any pictures ! It’s unique and you can’t replace it!

Natasha`s Birthday

It is my friend Natasha’s birthday today!

And I am happy to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her:)

In fact, Natasha is a wonderful girl with a nice sense of humor and who sings about everything that she sees! ^^

To my lovely Natasha :-*

Natasha, I am very glad that we’ve met! You are one of my friends, to whom I am not afraid to tell the truth, because I am sure you will at least try to understand me 😉

I am happy that you’re staying in Switzerland next year, so I believe we will go out to Geneva together! Stay as shiny as you are, believe in yourself – you are able to become the person who you want to be!


To everyone ^^

Be happy and enjoy your life! 


One of the significant differences of this winter compared to the previous one isthat I didn’t see any proper snow this time :’c No snow was in Geneva before the break, no snow was in my hometown in Ukraine, no snow in Geneva when I came back!

However, there is enough snow in my hometown now, as my friends from there told me.

Nothing much is going on now, besides the stress and studying we all are used to, so I will just share some shots from the short video that my friend sent me to show which kind of games she and her younger sister play now 😀

No one was hurt, everyone was happy! (the sequence is right)image image (1) image (2) image (3)

Corgi dogs

Nowadays I am quite into Corgi dogs. Though I am not really friendly with dogs (they are bit scary sometimes…), Corgi puppies are an exception.

Most Corgi puppies are Pembroke Welsh Corgi. As they are originated from Pembrokeshire, Wales, the word Pembroke is included in the Corgi puppies’ name. There are some other kinds of Corgi dogs as well. For example, Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They have larger breeds, meanwhile they have short legs. Though they have short legs, their body structure is designed for chasing sheep. There are officially five colours for Corgi dogs: red, sable with white marks, fawn with white markings, red headed tri-colour, and balck headed tri-colour. Corgi dogs mostly live until they are 12 to 15 years old. It is almost average for dogs. Since they are intelligent and small herding type of dogs, they are good pet dogs.

Corgi dogs