Done with ToK

Everybody knows that when doing IB, there is an interesting and quite controversial subject. Quite frankly, I have no spare time to write a long meaningful blog post hence I would like to share with you the beginning of my ToK essay 🙂


“Approaching an area of knowledge has to have its own method. Human culture is widely varied and it has recognized many areas of knowledge such as religion, art, history and so therefore there have been created different ways of gaining knowledge. Additionally, humankind has found ways in which the information can be obtained from these sources; the ways are such as sense perception, logic and reasoning, emotion and so on. It’s quite obvious that each area of knowledge would need to have a different and unique approach and this can sum up what Abraham Maslow is claiming in the quote above. For instance, if we take the example provided by Mr. Maslow, one can easily hammer down the screw but there is a greater chance that the screw may break what it is being hammered in hence the problem would not be solved. Emotion and reason are different in gaining knowledge consequently they should be applied in different areas, for instance in ethics it would be likely to utilize logic same as emotion in arts, however what would happen if ways of knowing were applied in a different area of knowledge hence how radically would the outcome change?

Emotion is a subjective way of knowing based on physiology or psychology of the person. Life without emotions is unheard of because of the cultural values and traditions, which are based upon the emotion. A common saying “listen to your heart” refers to the person following the gut instinct with little or no utilization of reason and logic. The hammer is a connotation of emotion as a way of knowing because when applying emotion in an area of knowledge like ethics a conflict may arise. “

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