A quiet Sunday afternoon…

Here Sunday afternoon can often look like this… No, let me correct myself: here Sunday afternoons can look like this when the sun is shining!!

a Starting to prepare the space outdoors for next Tuesday – the teachers are coming over, woooohooo!! 🙂

e cThe “magical duo” is always in the kitchen… preparing something yummy!

f  d m lThis is a good and a bad sign at the same time: GOOD because spring is here and boarders can put their winter clothes away… BAD because some of them are going to empty these trunks for good when leaving the Boarding House in May after the exams! :((

i g

And someone is catching up with homework and revision…

What are your Sunday afternoon plans?





1st part of cooking

1st step of cookingNext Tuesday our teachers are coming to Villa Ecureuil… Of course, we are going surprise them with our cooking skills!

That’s why we are starting the creation of our Super-Tasty-Super-Beautiful-Course today… So, here are the products of the 1st step of cooking it: sugar, flour, cinnamon, ginger, butter, milk, honey…

Guess which course we want to make! 🙂

New movie

I have just finished watching a movie that completely occupied my mind. Unconventional, imaginative, nothing if not audacious, Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life is a portrait of creativity from the inside, a serious yet playful attempt to find an artistic way to tell an emotional truth.


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Piece of art

Many of you may have had the opportunity of visiting the art exhibition happening  today in the Auditorium. Full of amazing pieces, the exhibit has been a successful event where the authors themselves were explaining their creations. I am proud to say that many of the Ecureuil girls were there, explaining the purpose of their work.

Well done!

2014-03-21 17.01.12 2014-03-21 16.33.372014-03-21 16.19.36 2014-03-21 16.30.01 2014-03-21 16.25.07

Which one do you prefer? 🙂

New solution :)

Every day I think about one important thing: in just a few months a lot of my friends will leave the school. Someone will change continent, others will move to other countries, and just few of my close friends are going to stay in Switzerland. When I think about that, I already miss my friends.

How will I connect with those who are going to the USA?
I don’t think that Skype would be very useful – sometimes my friend won’t have access to the Internet…

That’s why I was looking for other ways of communication… And I’ve found something really interesting!
Did you know about FreeCalls? You can call a person from Internet to a mobile phone for free! And it’s possible to call from Geneva to New York or S. Francisco! In this way  neither me, nor my friends would spend a lot of money on communications!

Now I can be sure that I won’t miss a day of my friends’ lives 🙂

What can make you happy? Cats!

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Oh, stop it, you can’t deny the cuteness of the American Curl. You can also  guess that this breed is characterized by its unusual ears. Moreover, I assume that this is the reason they are called “Curls”. Still wondering why is it not a well-known breed. “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci […]

Musical: from West End to Broadway 42nd

Musical is an act of collaboration: a theatrical production that contains songs, dialogue, dance and music. Rise and fall of storyline laid out along the sentimental content of the pieces – wit, passion, love, and fury – are all conveyed through the movements and words of the characters, forming a unified and holistic experience. At its birth in 1850’s to 1880’s, the musical was called musical play or musical comedy, offering exhilarating experience to all members of the society unlike opera (enjoyed exclusively by the top echelon of the social ladder). British Empire, Germany, and Austria imported musicals from Italy and developed an industry out of the genre. Now called West End, the term stands for a mainstream professional theatrical production performed in large and mainstream theatres in London, is the theatreland in the United Kingdom. West End simultaneously stands with New York’s Broadway theatres; the West End is respected as one of the most prestigious theater conglomeration in the English-speaking world. With Andrew Lloyd Webber as the center figure in the movement to develop the quality of the productions, West End claimed its stately throne in both United Kingdom and the United States in due time. Of course, the social circumstances played a favorable role in propitious development of West End: in a determination to dispel depression and pain of the First World War, many Americans frequented Broadway in search of shows such as Broadway 42nd Street and Rent that contained both comedy and drama to deliver hope of American Dream and a yet better tomorrow.