My week-end

I want to share with you my experience of going from Geneva to Versoix on roller-skates. First of all, google lies about the time it takes you. It is only around an hour, no more than that; on the other hand, it is actually better, because it is not that far… Starting from the Geneva train station, we skated next to the lake! It was a sunny day and the view was amazing, but for some reason we couldn’t see the mountains. Anyway, most of the time they are  visible, so actually it wasn’t a big deal. Another half of the journey was next to the road. I thought that it was very long. I remember when I was taking the CDL bus to Geneva and the road seemed to be too long, but actually it is not, I realized. And this is another good news for me!!!  At the end my friend and I went to the Versoix lake to have lunch. It was very nice, home-made food, mmm… 🙂
I really enjoyed that day and I hope we will repeat it!!IMG_0929 1964854_832060853478115_643975025_n


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