Holiday time in Russia

In Russia we celebrate Easter a little bit differently than in Europe.

Here are some pictures from Saturday the 19 of April. We brought Easter food to the church  to consecrate it.IMG_2579This was only a preparation for the holiday. We are not allowed to eat anything that is prepared for Easter on that day. Sunday morning begins with a competition: the winner is the one who picks up the strongest egg. I lost 2 times because my egg cracked. Easter eggs have to be eaten before any meal on that day.



We are back!! Well… almost all of us… a few are still traveling and will arrive soon 🙂

One thing must be said, though: considering that 9 students out of 14 in Villa Ecureuil are grade-12 students, the atmosphere right now already feels a bit like this…

keep calm I browsed on the internet, and it is interesting to see the quantity of advice one can find – and the variety of it!

This is what I picked today:

examsSeems like a good plan, right?

coffeeBut I do understand that a little “push” can be necessary… Let’s not overdo it anyway!!

exams____by_witbikInstead of doing something like this… hahahha!….

think positiveI think it is essential!


EXAM-GOODSLet’s get organized with some Compensation Devices… and…

final-exams-yesL E T ‘ S   D O   I T  ! ! !

So the story goes….


A lonely bunny in a very nice field… looking around…

It’s clear! He’s been left alone because all the students have left the Boarding House!! Searching for their eggs back in their home countries…

Easter eggs and bunny

happy easter

Enjoy this well-deserved break, everybody!! See you in a couple of weeks… maybe a bit later… maybe at your Graduation Ceremony!!



Boarders’ awards!

This is a ceremony worth remembering – every time! Boarders are awarded prizes and recognition for their academic achievements, for their participation to boarding activities and to boarding life – and this happens every marking period.

This time it was Inna’s, Yulia’s and Tong Tong’s turn. What a trio!! Inna for Boarding Life, Yulia for Boarding Activities and Tong Tong for an exceptional GPA this marking period!

Thank you for representing Villa Ecureuil so beautifully!

Inna Awards April 2014 Tong Tong Awards April 2014

A week-end in the Lake District

I went to the Lake District for the first time, for a very special reason 🙂 , and I was so impressed by the beauty of those hills and lakes and also by the warm hospitality of the “locals”!!

The famous poet Wordsworth lived there, in Grasmere, and wrote quite a few poems about the beauty of that area.

I also visited Manchester a little…


















Let’s learn some bio psychology!!

According to first principle of biological level of analysis, there are biological correlates of behavior. The hormone oxytocin is secreted by the hypothalamus and released into the blood stream via the pituitary gland or into the brain and spinal cord where it unites with oxytocin receptors; it mostly acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Oxytocin is responsible for trust between people. Experimental manipulation of this hormone has shown change in levels of trust.

According to evolutionary psychology, trust is a vital tool in the relationship between humans; also it is an adaptive mechanism meaning that disloyalty will break the bonds between individuals.

Baumgartner et al. (2008) has conducted an experimental research where he was aiming to investigate the role of oxytocin in trust in economic behavior. Participants were the economists and neuroscientists were to play a “trust” game and amongst the participants there were two groups: placebo and those who received oxytocin via nasal spray. The results were obtained through the fMRI scans whether the participant received placebo or the actual hormone. The placebo group showed less trust during the game comparing to those who received oxytocin. From this experiment, it can be evaluated that oxytocin could be the explanation to why people have the ability to restore their trust for someone and be able to forgive in the long-term relationship. Also, the brain mapping is not definite however there is still a correlation between trust and oxytocin. Although, biological psychology applies the principle of reductionism still it is too simplistic if we were to establish a direct link between trust and oxytocin.