It is time for goodbyes!


This year was an amazing experience, I went through many new experiences and I think I am ready for the holidays. And more than ready to face IB2, my last year!! And I would like to thank my two amazing roommates as well!



It was a great year! I am really thankful for all my friends, especially my roommates and the tutors for the great experience I had.

I wish that the next year is going to be even better!

With love from Elena

ccollIt’s been an amazing year! I met many beautiful and very interesting people. I want to thank my roommates and everyone I shared this House with and, of course, our tutors for making this year one of the best I had in CDL.

Have great holidays!



Goodbye. Hard. Interesting. Finished. Intense. Lucky. Summer. Meet. September.


ecollfcollHannah & Delphine

My two short weeks in Villa Ecureuil have been lovely. I have made some great memories at CDL and I would like to thank everyone who was a part of those memories.

Good luck to all the girls in Villa Ecureuil for their next year and thank you to all the lovely girls in Mies for my amazing experience.

Love, Hannah


I had an amazing year here in CDL. I will miss everybody a lot. I hope all of my friends will have what they deserve in the future.


gcoll heart all photosIt seems yesterday the first day of school!

Now, we are about to end and I just can’t stop having all this memories and the good moments we passed all together.

I would like to congratulate you all girls for your big effort and hard work. You did it, you finished 🙂

Arriba Ecureuil girls!



I am so happy and so thankful to have spent this year with you, beautiful young Ecureuil ladies!! Your are bright, strong, talented and pretty crazy 😉 I consider it a real privilege… Don’t forget about me when you are famous!!!

To you, IB2 champions: Well done, hats off to you!!… and keep on shining wherever you go!

To you, IB1 senior league: congratulations on closing the first chapter… now recharge your batteries, you deserve it!

Have a great summer, create more fun memories and enjoy every minute of it!

Un bacione,