Zambia Trip – SOA CHARITY— Best charity in CDL !!


During my trip to Zambia, I meet these two beautiful girls who were so nice to me. They tought me how to play net ball, it  is a mix of  football and basketball. They didn’t just teach me net ball but also their culture and lifestyle. That was the most beautiful part of the trip, each of us could share our own culture, and made us know more about each other. Our differences were the power of our friendship. These two girls made one of my best memories of the trip. I will keep in touch with them by sending them letters!


The Lavaux is a region in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It contains about 30 km of terraced vineyards and stretches to the lake Geneva. There are many houses that produce wine; and it is one of this houses that our boarding visited last week-end. We had a great experience and also we tried how to make grape juice. Everyone enjoyed it and I would like to visit this place again.

8895_orig  Lavaux-2_570px

TB skin test

TB is a disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal. So by swiss law to protect students we did a TB skin test today. It was a bit painful, but what to do.

Home, sweet home…

It’s when you are far from home that you realize how lucky you were to have parents, brothers, sisters and friends near you.

Being a boarder could be hard, but being in the Ecureil/Villa Meritas makes it easier I think. For me it’s the MOST beautiful and homey villa on the campus and the girls who are living there are amazing. I feel lucky to live here and with them.


This is our 2014-2015 garland…

Today Marion Hayden from the Counseling Dept came to visit us in the Boarding House. We created something together: a beautiful garland made of many different things we wrote on (balloons, magazine clippings, drawing paper, regular notebook paper). The two subjects were: “my goal for this year” and “what I am grateful for”. We wrote it all down, decorated the papers and then hung them onto a string – which is now hanging from our fireplace! It was a beautiful moment to just “pause” and take the time to put things in writing, and it is going to be interesting to check it all again at the end of this school year (maybe during a special evening event that we will organize!) to see how things have changed… Thank you Marion!foto (1)


“The wolves in Ann”.


Today, I am going to talk about dissociative identity disorder. But firstly let me tell you an interesting legend about the wolves in Ann.

According to the legend, each of us has their own wolf inside. It is a lone wolf, who sometimes can be friendly, kind, maybe even in love or angry and mad at someone. A wolf has its own physical and psychological features and characteristics, certain types of behavior, emotions and skills. A man is a ruler of his own life and his interior wolf, however there was a girl whose name is hard to find but let’s call her Ann.

When Ann was young, she lived with her mother and a “very bad man”. This man mocked her mother and her, insulted Ann and forced her to do things which a child should not do.

Ann’s wolf was terrified and did not know what to do, but then it met another wolf. Another wolf that was much stronger and protected Ann from the world outside.

After Ann’s wolf met another wolf, then three more, they created a flock. They all were really different, different ages, different behaviors, and they even had physical differences. One of them was blind, another could sing, however, Ann’s could not; one liked staring at the moon, another liked to hunt. As in all flocks, they needed to have a leader so some started to fight for power. Ann did not know which wolf was in her now and did not remember which was before. Soon the flock understood that Ann’s wolf was weak and ceased to regard his opinion, while more and more wolves joined the flock. Ann’s wolf was lost  and  now became scared of plenty wolves who surrounded him.

Nowadays there have been a lot of medically recorded causes of the people like Ann but no one can give you a specific number. This mental disorder has baffled such well-known psychologists as Sigmund Freud, for example.

Dissociative identity disorder  (DID) or multiple personality disorder (MPD) characterized people who lives with a flock of wolves inside them. One of this flock lived in Ann’s mind and there was no way to get rid of them, except just to accept their being in her.

How to make friend with who you are afraid of? Or who seems to be you? Mental disorders are not someone’s choice and not something that you can control. People should not stigmatize mental disorders, we should take time to understand them and educate ourselves about them so that we can support someone like Ann who needs us.


What happened in the last few days…

010d960d8d400f3aa7a18b43450a08a2acc4588ee6This is a picture of our FANTASTIC performance for the House Cheers in the first chapter of the Boarding Houses Competition – thanks to our great choreographer Daria!

foto 1 (4)

foto 2 (4)

foto 3 (2)

We are going to the Welcome Dinner!! Here are Alisa, Tanya, Elena, then Varvara and Selena, and Ingrid… before we head to the Léman dining hall.

foto 4


foto 5

foto 1 (5)

We have here: Anastasia and Aleksandra, Ingrid and Tanya, and Varvara, Elena and Anastasia.

foto 2 (5)


foto 3 (4)


Last but not least, last night we pre-celebrated Alisa’s birthday – it is next Sunday, but how to say no to a yummy slice of cake???