What happened in the last few days…

010d960d8d400f3aa7a18b43450a08a2acc4588ee6This is a picture of our FANTASTIC performance for the House Cheers in the first chapter of the Boarding Houses Competition – thanks to our great choreographer Daria!

foto 1 (4)

foto 2 (4)

foto 3 (2)

We are going to the Welcome Dinner!! Here are Alisa, Tanya, Elena, then Varvara and Selena, and Ingrid… before we head to the Léman dining hall.

foto 4


foto 5

foto 1 (5)

We have here: Anastasia and Aleksandra, Ingrid and Tanya, and Varvara, Elena and Anastasia.

foto 2 (5)


foto 3 (4)


Last but not least, last night we pre-celebrated Alisa’s birthday – it is next Sunday, but how to say no to a yummy slice of cake???


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