In CDL we’ll celebrate Halloween tomorrow. It’s a funny day when everyone has fun. You can be who you want. Someone can choose to be something from the animal world such as mouse, a giraffe, a panda and more like this. Someone can decide to be  a queen or a princess to find their princes. But some of us want to follow the tradition and to be a monster such as witch, a zombie, or any different character from horror movies and other films. But for every holiday an atmosphere is needed, that’s why yesterday we spent the whole evening carving pumpkins. It was REALLY fun! But we can’t live without any monkey tricks so after we smeared each other with pumpkin juice. It is one of our usual days in CDL 🙂

Halloween is just behind the corner…!

And at CDL we renew our famous tradition of PUMPKIN CARVING! Tonight over two hundred students got busy in order to create their own versions of the “scary pumpkin”… and it went from this…


to something like this!



And in between… many other fun things happened! like Alisa trying on a big skull mask –  yes, that’s her under the giant skull!!




The magic of Morocco

I spent one week in Morocco during the October break, and I did many different things! However, the highlight was a 3-day trip to the desert, way down in the southern part of the country… with 3 Italian friends, one Moroccan guide and 2 helpers who dealth with food, a tent and all the supplies that are really essential for being well in such a hard climate. In fact, it was extremely hot and spending the whole day in the sun takes its toll on one’s body! Before leaving, we had 3 days in Marrakech, full of noise and people and smells and colors but with very pleasant surprises, like a jewel of a riad (little hotel surrounded by walls) and the Choranic school.







Adventure park on Sunday

WOW! It was so awesome! On sunday Aleksandra and I went to climb the trees! It is like crossing a forest without touching the ground, this was challenging and a bit scary because of the height, but really exciting! There were about six different levels of difficulty and we passed three of the hardest ones 😀

It is a pity, but I don’t have any photos, because at first we gave away our phones in order to avoid losing them, and in the end all of us were too tired even to move 🙂

It was something like this:


Face Painting!

On the 26th of September our school organized a big BBQ for parents and children. Some students like me and my friends joined to help with the activities. In my opinion we had to do the best one – face painting! It was so nice to interact with children, making a line to get the drawing they wanted. All of them are even tho small but pure individuals, some asked for butterfly, some for monsters, pirates, batmen, cats, tigers, vampires and cute masks with flowers. The best thing was to see their laughing and smiling faces after the work was done 🙂

IMG_3115 IMG_3118 IMG_3120 IMG_3123 IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3131

The desert

Today I read these lines by Mano Dayak, a Tuareg from Niger who fought for the recognition of the Tuareg population’s rights in the ’90s:

«Le désert ne se raconte pas, il se vit. Alors, comment trouver les mots qui pourraient traduire cette passion que le nomade éprouve pour son désert? Pour ceux qui n’y ont pas vécu, il apparaît comme un grand espace vide, tandis que pour nous il est infiniment vivant. Comment expliquer cet amour que nous portons à cet environnement si aride et si difficile?»

I am going on a trip to the Moroccan desert next week… I will listen closely to the sound of silence and take lots of pictures, I am looking forward to sharing them here!

What are your plans for the October break?

the sand dunes of Chegaga

the sand dunes of Chegaga

Geneva Time

There are a lot of things boarders can do in Geneva on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons! For example, during my free time, while it’s still warm I like to walk the streets of the Old Town. There are many interesting churches and museums there. You can also find lots of cafes and restaurants.


The other place you can visit is Geneva fountain!


And the last place, which I find very interesting, is theRussian church, which is not that easy to find, but i think it’s worth it even if people follow a different religion… just to know and understand the culture of other people!


I hope this was useful!

How to talk to anyone

Listen attentively. Communicating with others is as much about listening as it is about talking. When you listen closely to another person, you learn about his needs and views on life. Learning about the person you are talking to allows him to feel understood and leads to more effective communication.

Gather information. When a person comes from a different culture or background, she may speak in a way that does not resonate with you. Even if you speak the same language, she may be from a different region that uses different terminology or speaks more rapidly. Learn more about her culture or background to improve your ability to converse with her.
Ask for clarification. If a person speaks rapidly, uses unfamiliar words or leaves out important information, ask him questions. He may be accustomed to people who speak just as quickly or technically and might be unaware of your confusion. Asking for clarification will also show him that you are listening.

Speak clearly. Use language that others will understand. Avoid mumbling or using unfamiliar lingo. This is especially important when speaking to people of different cultural backgrounds, ages, professions and personalities.

Confirm that your message is being understood. Watch your listener’s body language. Look for signs that she understands what you are saying. A furrowed brow and other body language indicating confusion or disinterest are reasons to slow down or speak more clearly.

Appreciate the differences. Being able to talk to anyone means sincerely appreciating diverse beliefs and cultures. For example, you might notice that the family near you at the park is dancing to music from a different culture. To break the ice, you might ask them for the name of the instrument, artist or song.629px-Talk-to-Anyone-Step-03

We won the Master Chef competition!



Well, for us it is not a real surprise… This House is quite famous for its high level of cuisine 🙂

Here is the menu that was proposed to the Jury (see picture):

starter: zucchini pizza

main course: suprème de poulet en papillotte

deserts: Saint Honoré avec confiture de framboise et crème patissière; biscuits à la macaron.

All this was presented with flair and style, giving some hints about the history and meaning of the dish…

Good job girls! and thanks Inna for preparing the menu!