Self-esteem and hard times…

Today I have been surrounded by a cloud of “these are difficult times”, “lots of deadlines”, “it is so difficult”, “we are not sure this is going to work”… Some of this is simply… life! But a good part of it also comes from fatigue, anxiety and, well, fears!

True, there are times in one’s life where things seem to convert and decide to make one’s day complicated and dense with tough moments. However it is important, in my opinion, not to lose sight of some basic truths, that really help in overcoming difficulties and reaching goals:

never quit


good enough superman

you are good enough


To all the wonderful Ecureuil ladies…!!

Boarders’ Award Ceremony

Yesterday afternoon many boarders received awards for their academic achievements and participation to boarding life and activities. Our House was very well represented indeed!

Aleksandra Kuznetcova: Boarding Life award

Anastasia Trudovaia: Boarding Activities award

Tanya Paul: Best Academic Achievement for IB2

Inna Savchuk: Best Academic Achievement for Terminale Maturité

Hats off to you, fantastic ladies! And congratulations to all for being there and doing your best!! See you at the next Award Ceremony… you have many chances to be up there on the stage :)))

image (1)

image (2)

image (3)

Patience, patience… and warm clothes!

We have enjoyed a very mild autumn, so now that the weather is changing I think that many of us are… in shock! Well, we are in the second part of the month of November and today it  is quite clear: 7 degrees, can’t hold your cell phone for longer than 5 minutes without gloves ;)… the top of the mountains are covered with snow – visible even from our school! THIS IS IT!!!

Time to show your colored hats and scarves… and enjoy hot chocolate and glorious cups of tea!!


Disneyland Paris

Last week-end we went to Disneyland Paris with our Boarding House. That was a wonderful trip! First of all, it’s a good relax from studies, especially at the end of the marking period, when you have a lot of work to complete. You feel as a child in a miracle and forget about all your problems and concerns. We  visited not only Disneyland Park, but also Studios and Disney Village, which are all completely different. Luckily, the weather was good and it wasn’t too cold. In addition, we managed to see Friday’s and Saturday’s shows which are, frankly speaking, amazing, you really feel as if you were in a fairytale. Here are some photos 🙂

Photo1 Photo2



Art : The Town of Thoughts by  Marijia Tiurina

This is a piece of art I love, it describes someone’s thoughts and ways of thinking. At this moment I can totally  identify myself to this picture because of IB. In a specific subject called Tok (theory of knowledge), we need to think and over-think questioning our way of thinking and its influence. It is just crazy, and it demands so much of energy… however I find it so interesting. It is one of the subjects which gathered various types of knowledge and allows us to see different perspectives on any subject… Thus see the world through different lenses.


After a week of being in a Boarding trip, Diego took holidays – hope he enjoyed them! And who replaced him at Dining Hall Meeting?… Romolo!

I remember my first year there, when the Boarding House Committee has been just created. Of course, I applied to it. We were a team of 20+ people, headed by Romolo. At that time I didn’t realize how many things we have done to change the school!

Actually, I want to thank everyone who is working hard to make CdL closer to a heaven on Earth – Mr Thezé, Mr Usher, Mme Salamin, Mr Calvini, Diego and other people. THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING JOB!