Saturday December 6

That was one of the best Saturdays ever!
Well, even if I had to wake up at 8:30, I really enjoyed the Escalade race with Liza and Dima, and other cool guys! Moreover I have met my classmates there, who were also running… We thought the race would be 5.2 km, but it was only 2.3, and we have finished it in 15 minutes! (Don’t ask me about the ranking, I have no idea which one we got)
After that we participated to another “race” – quickly pick up the cake for Mrs Usher (birthday surprise from the Prefect team), leave it at the Kempinski Hotel, come back to the Boarding House and get ready for the dinner!


The Xmas dance is another story, and it was amazing! Thanks to the best company – Nabi, Nuri, James, Matvey, Danon and of course Anastasia, Tanya, Lana, Rost, Lev, Eldar (XDDD)!
Diego, you have organized an amazing dinner for us 🙂 thank you!

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