The grade-12 study leave is just behind the corner…




These are random pictures I took a few days ago while we were about to open the Boarding House in the afternoon. You can see Elena and Alisa close to the garden, Tanya studying outside and Ingrid flashing her beautiful smile to the camera 🙂

We are approaching that special time of the year… Those two-three weeks before final exams begin for grade-12 students. The atmosphere in the House changes: a quiet stillness descends, boarders talk less, they walk around with open books in their hands looking for the right “corner” where they can sit and revise by themselves. The fact is that grade-11 boarders will also have to sit their end-of-the-year exams quite soon, so they are also under the same “study spell”!

IB2 boarders will have no more classes after tomorrow… So the intense revision period will begin! Our House will be a beehive of academic activity 🙂 you can already hear all these beautiful brains buzzing!!


Travelling all over the world… to come back to CDL!

Easter holidays were a well-deserved break for all of us, and most of the Ecureuil ladies travelled back home to spend time with family and friends. Needless to say, “home” is not really that close to Switzerland for most of them 🙂 Some also enjoyed a holiday within the holiday, traveling to another destination after a quick visit home. This is the beauty of being a young, broad-minded, culturally curious citizen of the world!

I am sure everybody got the best out of their time off… And now, again, welcome back to Villa Ecureuil!

world map