Graduation Ceremony 2015!

The ceremony was beautiful, really beautiful! It is a great ritual, one could almost say a rite of passage… And I was happy to see that the Ecureuil girls were also awarded some special prizes!







Most academic improvement prize: Tanya Paul

School community involvement prize: Inna Savchuk

Meritas-CDL prize: Inna Savchuk

Our fantastic graduates: Alisa, Daria, Elena, Tanya, Inna, Selena, Anastasia!


International day at CDL

Tolerance hands

The International Day has been a long-time tradition here in Collège du Léman and it represents a joyous display of one of the most important aspects of this school: the fact that there are so many nationalities represented here! And that we all strive to grow and blossom thanks to the many advantages brought here by this characteristic.

The day unfolds in a very colorful and tasty parade of many different food-tasting stations, where the students of each nationality propose very yummy dishes that they prepared themselves… All the school is involved and there is even live music! Needless to say, everybody is really excited about it and it is always a great success.

leavers’ assembly – time really flies!


It is a very nice ritual, as our school director said, to meet and celebrate those who will leave CDL soon… And it is fun! Seeing the faces of all these young beautiful minds – even in their “baby” version – is quite a process – it makes one realizes how much energy, time and intention is invested in the period boarders stay here in Collège du Léman. Whether it is one year or five, it takes a whole lot of strength and dedication on behalf of each individual and their families, plus the school and its structure and organization and staff members… It is like an orchestra, where all instruments play to contribute to the best final result while accompanying the main player, the “star”.

It feels good to see the completion of such a part of someone’s life and to know that we all contributed, each in his/her own way, to pave the way to a great future!

Thank you, fantastic Ecureuil ladies… And see you very soon at the Graduation Ceremony!!

Elena 2 Inna 2 Nastia Tsvirko 2 Selena 2 Tanya 2 Alisa 2 Daria 2

Keep your cool…




Yep! We are at that special time/moment/phase of the school year… You can see the calendar marking the end of the month (and on May 30 the CDL graduation ceremony will take place!) but SO MUCH still needs to happen between NOW and THEN! Isn’t it incredible?

Now this period of time seems to be endless… But days will go by so fast! And in a swoosh it will be over…

However, the Here and Now is pretty busy so all I can say is… “You can only do your best”, and I know you Ecureuil Girls will give all you’ve got!!! And I have great trust in our deep, innate wisdom that produces moments of epiphany 🙂 where all the pieces fall into place! Finally!