leavers’ assembly – time really flies!


It is a very nice ritual, as our school director said, to meet and celebrate those who will leave CDL soon… And it is fun! Seeing the faces of all these young beautiful minds – even in their “baby” version – is quite a process – it makes one realizes how much energy, time and intention is invested in the period boarders stay here in Collège du Léman. Whether it is one year or five, it takes a whole lot of strength and dedication on behalf of each individual and their families, plus the school and its structure and organization and staff members… It is like an orchestra, where all instruments play to contribute to the best final result while accompanying the main player, the “star”.

It feels good to see the completion of such a part of someone’s life and to know that we all contributed, each in his/her own way, to pave the way to a great future!

Thank you, fantastic Ecureuil ladies… And see you very soon at the Graduation Ceremony!!

Elena 2 Inna 2 Nastia Tsvirko 2 Selena 2 Tanya 2 Alisa 2 Daria 2

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